Thursday, November 3, 2016

Stop Being So Sensitive - It's Only Basic Human Decency

This morning, I found that a "friend" (just kidding I love you but why do you torture me like this) had shared with me the most boring, Tumblr in Action subreddit post by a 17-year-old white kid in Connecticut with rich parents-style "article" I've ever seen, published on the website of actual fucking TIME. TIME. TIME Magazine.

Stop Being So Sensitive—It’s Only a Halloween Costume

Written by Jim Norton - white male comedian, radio talk show host, and co-host of the official UFC podcast. It's like the Unholy Trifecta of White Rich Dude Privilege.

The piece itself is so boring that I couldn't finish it. And don't tell me that I therefore don't know what's all in this garbage pile disguised as opinion writing. Because I know. Because I've read the same essay from countless privileged white dudes and some white women all saying the exact same boring, uneducated shit that never would have had to come into being if they had just for one second listened to the people who are actually harmed by cultural appropriation, blackface, and other forms of racism. This has been gone over time and time again, and if you don't get it by now, you're either trying not to get it or you live in a privileged little bubble and are entirely out of touch. Or both.

What I want to talk about is how people who are actually anti-racist are constantly painted as "oversensitive" when actually we're just trying to promote respect, decency, and caring, and when it's people like Jim here who are the oversensitive ones.

You're tired of hearing people "complain" about cultural appropriation every Halloween, Jim? Well I'm tired of whinging diatribes from my fellow white people about how mean it is to tell people that they can't dress up as anything they want for Halloween without causing harm. I'm also tired of hearing people like you get up in arms every single time people of color or white people doing ally work talk about cultural appropriation or try to explain to others how it causes harm. You're so offended by the mere suggestion that actions have consequences. Why are you soooooo sensitive about this?

Oh right, because it threatens your privilege.

Well, I'm sorry if you find attempts to make the world a better, more welcoming place for everybody to be so threatening. Sorry if it hurts your privileged little feelings so much :(

Lol no I'm not.

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