Wednesday, November 16, 2016

So, Donald Trump and Russia, Um?

Okay so, the day after the election, Russia is like "lol yeah we were totally in contact with Trump the whole time lmao." Like, I'm assuming they released that information as a deliberate "fuck you" to the U.S. Not even the rumors and clear indications about Trump being buddy-buddy with Putin were enough to stop Trump/Russia from becoming the U.S. President. They've gotta be laughing it up right now. Another victory for the Committee to Shame and Humiliate America.

Donald Trump’s Many, Many, Many, Many Ties to Russia

Trump, Putin speak about future of US-Russia ties

Russia 'emboldened by Donald Trump's election victory' to pull support from International Criminal Court

And like, are we doing anything about this? Most of the time I do not want to know what the CIA is up to, but I'm a little curious now. I'd long been under the impression that the U.S. was such a ridiculously powerful force with its secret, imperialistic fingers in everything via the CIA and other frightening organizations that there was no way a country like Russia could successfully infiltrate the presidential election. Is this part of a Master Plan? Has the CIA lost its touch?

Do I really want to know?

I dunno. I guess I just do not know what the fuck to expect anymore. On the one hand, part of me wants to see the U.S. destroyed or at least taken down a few pegs. On the other hand, Russia is not better right now, and Putin is a fascist himself.

But mostly I feel like this all has to be a colossal joke. Putin and Trump both seem like cartoon villains. They're two utterly ridiculous but at the same time terrible people who have somehow gained power and no one can seem to do anything to stop them. What the fuck is even happening?

Is this some kind of Bizarro world? Who fucked up the timeline? Somebody fucking fix this.

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