Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Recommended Reading

A lot of feminists, especially young/new ones, get caught in the trap of "but aren't trans women promoting gender stereotypes by always being so hyper feminine?" I myself went through that line of thought for a bit, but luckily all it takes is a little listening to trans women to understand why it's flawed. And the reasons for it will open your eyes to the kind of intense bullshit that trans women and men have to put up with in order to get the treatment they need to survive.

I came across this Tumblr thread that contains stories and points from multiple trans women. Trigger warning for suicides and medical abuse:

Click here for the post.

All of it is extremely important. I recommend all cis feminists read through it even if you've heard/read about this stuff before. It's helpful to have reminders like this so we know what we need to fight for. Trans women still go through so much just to try and survive. It's not okay.

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