Thursday, November 17, 2016

Please Sign This

Now that the election is over and we're all fucked, President Obama has two months to do some good without much effecting himself or other Democrats. He can do a lot of good in that time.

Chelsea Manning is still in prison. She recently attempted suicide for the second time. She's already served six years of a draconian 35-year sentence, more time than any whistleblower has ever received. President Obama has the power to commute her sentence to time served, allowing her to be released immediately. It's not as good as a pardon but she needs to get the fuck out of that men's prison. 

Petitions on this subject have been entirely unsuccessful as far as I can tell, but we can at least force the White House to give us a response on this rather than completely ignoring it if we get 100,000 signatures on a We the People petition within 30 days. I've already signed it. Please sign it and ask your friends and family to sign it. Maybe we can save this brave, persecuted trans woman's life.

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