Friday, November 4, 2016


Obama Just Announced He’s Going to Save Standing Rock By Rerouting Pipeline

Couple things.

I knew this pipeline had originally been rerouted from being built near Bismark because my fellow white people didn't want their land and water to be poisoned. I guess, fuck me, I thought that this new route had to be the last option. Instead, you're telling me, that, this whole time, there was possible plan C, but instead of looking into that, it was decided that a treaty should be broken and Native Americans should be beaten, pepper sprayed, shot in the face by rubber bullets, had their horses shot while riding them, had their camp run over by armored vehicles previously reserved for war zones, mass arrested, tagged, and shoved into pens covered by tarps to sleep on cold cement?

All that could have been avoided if someone had been like "well we can't go through Standing Rock because that's fucked up and illegal," how about another route?

And also.

It's still an oil pipeline? That still needs to go through the Mississippi River? Which remains a huge body of water? And the pipeline will still leak/explode? And poison whatever land and water it's near? Including that used by Native Americans? And is still going to transport oil? That we cannot burn or we're all fucked?

Also, I'm curious as to why the article says that the protests stopped the construction of the pipeline when it hasn't at all. Like, I do remember Obama announcing that they were putting a hold on construction back in September, but did that even ever happen? Or was it the shortest hold ever? Because the pipeline is being built right now, rapidly. Last I saw, water protectors were making their last stand in the river itself and being tear gassed for it.

So um. Is Obama just going to keep saying this is happening until the pipeline is complete and then it'll just be shrugged off like "oh well it's built might as well transport oil in it"?

Because that's where it seems like this is going.

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