Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Mail Time!


Oh look, I got some hate mail! Time to have fun!

Mr. "Hugh Mungus" writes:

I am just sending this to basically say that I have proudly reported this pathetic blog of yours for hate speech, harassment and bullying. You are just a pathetic, insecure, degenerative, cancerous, waste of oxygen whose only mad that daddy didn't give you enough love. I honestly can see why. If you were my daughter, I would disown you or better yet not allow you to live. Sorry not sorry *spit*

I honestly can't decide what's funniest about this. Let's make a list of the hilarious aspects of this hate mail.

  1. The fact that people like this whine day and night about people reporting actual hate speech and harassment and call it an attack on freedom of speech and then turn around and report people they don't like.
  2. Being accused of hate speech because I'm critical of privilege and don't tolerate bigotry.
  3. Being told I engage in hate speech, harassment and bullying by a person who came into my inbox to tell me they'd kill me if they were my parent.
  4. The bit where I'm "just pathetic and insecure" yet somehow also a cancer and such a threat that I need to be reported.
  5. Text-miming spitting at me.

Honestly I think it's the "*spit*". Is this the year 2002 and/or a teenage roleplay chat room?

There is one thing about this that makes me angry, though.

Hugh Mungus? How are you going to go with the last name "Mungus" when you could have been "Hugh Jass?" What kind of missed opportunity, I mean, really? How dare you.

Oh, and if anyone doesn't believe this is real, here's a screen shot of it in my email:

Click to Enlarge
Keep the entertainment coming!

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