Friday, November 11, 2016

I Still Don't Get It


One thing I will never understand is how people can be so willing, so eager, so gleeful to hurt others. And yes, I have heard many explanations. I've read the articles about the fear of the privileged over the idea of losing their privilege, I get that blaming your troubles on people of color/immigrants and hating them is much easier than facing the fact that your own elected leaders are constantly looking to exploit you. All of this makes sense. On an intellectual level.

But again and again, I find that on an emotional level, I don't understand.

I don't understand this:

Saudi student is beaten, killed in Wisconsin

I don't understand this:

Michigan middle school students chant ‘Build the wall’ — while Latino students cry

I don't understand this (TW: BLOOD):

Trump supporters brutally attack gay man in California

I don't understand this:

‘Shoot The B*tch!’ ‘Hang The N*gger!’: Unfiltered Rally Videos Show Trump’s America

I don't understand this:

Trump Fans Just Filmed Themselves Harassing Black Female Students

And every day I see a new list of reported hate crimes. I don't understand.

While those who voted for McCain and Romney absolutely protested and whined and carried on after each time Obama was elected, the key difference is that no white people were murdered for being white, no straight people were brutally beaten for being straight, no men were harassed for being men, and nobody was chanting at pro-Obama rallies to hang, shoot, or otherwise physically harm white, cishet, able-bodied, middle to upper class, neurotypical men. The worst we did was probably the White People Mourning Romney site, which frankly, was hilarious.

But it was hilarious because we all knew that none of those Romney supporters were in danger because of their race, gender, sexual orientation, class, etc. They would not be targeted for hate crimes, none of their rights would be taken away, and it was very likely that their lives would actually get better in the next few years.

And now we have white kids chanting cruel slogans at Latinx kids while they cry out of the fear that they and/or their loved ones will be deported back to incredibly dangerous countries. Not to mention the fear of being attacked and killed here. Because the former has been promised, and the latter is already happening.

I was raised by a couple of conservative Republicans. White Christians who thought it was wrong to be gay. In spite of this, I was taught that it's wrong to be cruel, it's wrong to laugh at other's pain, and being a good Christian and a good person means helping those in need and being kind to people in general. Though their homophobic beliefs were cruel, they've since rescinded them, and have in fact rejected the past few Republican candidates, seeing that the Republican platform has become out of step with Christian values and basic human decency.

Maybe I'll never get why other people can't seem to change, why so many people are so cruel and hateful, or how anybody can view another human being as less than a human being to the point that they can assault and murder them for no reason other than the color of their skin or who they love.

I actually really hope I never come to understand any of it.

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