Thursday, November 10, 2016

Fellow White Women, We Need to Talk About This


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I shouldn't be surprised. I shouldn't. It's my own white privilege allowing me to be at all surprised, honestly. I've been seeing women of color say over and over that white women are hella racist, and how right they were.

I just want to talk to one white woman who voted for Trump and ask two thing:

Why and how.

Mostly how. How to you reconcile the fact that he bragged about and encouraged sexually assaulting women and has said so many misogynistic things about women and girls, including giving one girl an eating disorder because he complained about her gaining weight and harassed and publicly humiliated her for it. He hates women. He fucking hates you, fellow white women. He views you as only good for servicing his dick.

How can you know all that, because you must fucking know, and still vote for him? Tens of millions of you voted for him in spite of this. You drove him right to the Presidency, resulting in every misogynistic and rapey thing he's ever said being legitimized. This is the kind of thing a president says. Prepare to hear a lot more of it from your male friends, family, coworkers, and strangers. From your brothers and fathers and sons. You did that.

To be fair, maybe I did that, too. Or at least let it happen. But as of this moment, I'm putting all white women on notice, including myself. If you're not completely racist, then it's time to start collecting your racist white women friends. Don't tolerate racism from any friends or family members who are white women. Because that's what drove them to vote for Trump. Racism. Homophobia, transphobia, hatred of the poor, and contempt for the disabled and mentally ill probably helped. Not to mention internalized misogyny.

But most of Trumps rhetoric was designed to scare white people with bullshit about black, Latinx, and Muslim people being violent and dangerous and coming to take shit away from us white people. And you fucking bought it, you chumps.

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