Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Alt-Right Watch: Hypocrisy, Thy Name is 8chan


Yes, you read that right. 8chan is a 4chan clone that was spawned when 4chan kicked a bunch of people out for being too bigoted. Yes, you read that right. Too bigoted for 4chan.

They were specifically kicked out for organizing harassment campaigns against people, posting procedures for doing so and offering prize drawings to those who submitted evidence of harassment. This is a thing that I witnessed with my own eyes in 8chan when I ventured there months ago in another futile attempt to understand the mindset of these "trolls."

So it's pretty freaking hilarious to go there now and see posts whining about Hillary Clinton supporters "harassing" people.

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Awww, and they used bad language! How mean!

But seriously, electoral college voters are often public servants whose personal information is typically on display and, frankly, they should know what they're getting into when they sign up. Democracy isn't easy, folks.

Right below that post is another claiming that George Soros, a liberal billionaire, funded both Hillary Clinton and Jill Stein's campaigns. That doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but I also have to say, so? The guy has a lot of money and maybe he thought they both made good points. Maybe he preferred Jill Stein but reeeeeeaaaaally didn't want to see Trump in the White house.

But also, these 8chan guys are complaining that Soros is a billionaire working behind the scenes to control everything, when there are many other billionaires doing the same thing on the right? And Trump himself is a billionaire who has donated to multiple Republican campaigns? Hello?

Oh wait, I almost forgot the key difference. You see, George Soros is Jewish. As is indicated by the three sets of parentheses around his name in the post - a signal routinely used by neo-Nazis.

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You might also notice that the connection they've made is really flimsy, but again, it doesn't even matter. They're just trying to fuel their anti-semitic conspiracy theories any way they can.

I've never understood how some people can just be such blatant hypocrites and either block it out of their minds or not care. Credibility means nothing to them, no matter how often they demand sources or whine about "ethics in gaming journalism."

Also on 8chan yesterday:

  • Attempts to claim the emergence of an "alt-left." If they mean growing from useless liberalism to something that will kick their asses, then sure, I guess.
  • They love and praise South Park.
  • They published some flight plans for some reason I was unable to decipher.
  • They have a guide to manipulating online message boards. Creepy.
  • They have a disturbingly extensive guide on how to "troll" people (archived).
  • And something I won't link to or even look at - they have lists of "Jewish agents."

Hug and/or compliment your Jewish friends/family today.

Okay and that's all I can handle in one sitting. It hurts my soul.

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