Wednesday, October 19, 2016

White Dudes Arrested for Terrorist Plot, Get Called a Militia

3 men charged in Garden City bomb plot

Three men charged for plotting to blow up an apartment complex and mosque in Garden City and inhabited by refugees, appeared in federal court Monday morning. 
Patrick Stein, Curtis Allen and Gavin Wright appeared before a judge in street clothing. All were in hand and leg cuffs. 
All three are charged with conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction. A charge that carries the penalty of life imprisonment.

The article also says that these three men, all white, who were planning to murder innocent Muslim individuals and refugees fleeing this kind of fucking violence, are part of a "militia group." That's an odd was to spell "terrorist organization."

This is literally terrorism but you'll never see mainstream media outlets calling it that. But if a brown person trips over a white person's extended legs, they get called a terrorist.

Also, can we please all be freaking out more that we have domestic terrorist organizations openly operating in this country, targeting completely innocent people who just want to not be bombed? Thanks.

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