Thursday, October 20, 2016

"What Rape Culture?"


We have another one.

I'm just... I thought. That everyone agreed. On the idea. That raping a child. Particularly raping YOUR child. Is the worst. Thing. You could ever. EVER. Do. At least in terms of like individual crimes committed upon single people. Like killing a child, pretty fucking terrible, but at least that can happen in a moment of passion, and as terrible as you would have to be to not only have that much anger in you and also target a child with that anger, at least it can happen in a second. Like one second. As opposed to rape, which takes several seconds at least. And raping your own daughter multiple times takes a lot of thought and deliberate action, manipulation and cover up. Like. You have to be okay with what you're doing the entire time.

That's beyond terrible. There is no word for how bad that is.

I thought we pretty much all agreed on that. People will certainly say that they do. Even anti-feminists and MRAs and general rape culture defenders will be claim that society hates rape and rapists, that it's considered to be the worst thing you can do, and rapists' lives are RUINED and everyone hates them forever no matter what, no sympathy, no second chances, nothing.


Man gets 60 days for repeatedly raping young girl—judge's reason is staggering (Trigger Warning)

A 40-year-old Glasgow, Montana man named Martin Blake was charged with three counts of rape and incest, admitted it, was convicted for one rape, pleaded out of a 100 year-sentence to receive 30 years, which are all suspended, and got 60 days in a jail (less 17 days already served). The Glasgow Courier reports that after two hours of testimony and arguments, Judge John C. McKeon felt the hardship of 60 days in a county jail and having to register as a sex offender was enough for a man who raped a mere child multiple times. 

Let me spell out the details for you. This man didn't just rape a child. He raped his daughter on at least three occasions. On the last time, his wife walked in on it. He then admitted to the crime. This would seem like a case of three counts of rape and three counts of incest, right? He was only convicted on one count of incest, despite admitting to all six of these counts, and despite the fact that committing incest upon an underage child is at the very least sexual assault.

I understand plea deals happen. He was originally looking at 100 years in prison, which sounds good enough, because, you know, average human lifespan. The plea deal got him down to 30 years. Seems pretty fucking short but at least is a lot more than most rapists get.

Then his sentence got suspended and actual jail time reduced to 60 minus 17 days.


And that happened because the judge thought that having to go to jail for a little while and being put on the sex offender registry, which he referred to as being "supervised" for the rest of his life (HA), was punishment enough. And the poor child rapists already lost his job and his family (except for his mother, who STANDS BY THE CHILD RAPIST) for raping his daughter.

How terrible of his family, who is also the family of the victim, to disown the guy who RAPED HIS LITTLE DAUGHTER THREE TIMES AND ADMITTED IT.

Over and over, rapists, including child rapists, including men who rape their own daughters, get sympathy not only from family members, not only from the public, but from the very people who hold the power to decide the extent of these rapists' punishment. They get sympathy and reduced sentences and "oh poor man, you've suffered enough, haven't you?" All without mentioning the suffering of the victim. Of the little girls who have to deal with the trauma of "my own father raped me multiple times when I was far too young to consent in any form."

All while non-violent drug offenders are given life in prison without a thought for their futures, for their suffering, for their potential, and for the value of their lives.

Rape. Culture.

I know I advocate for prison abolition and for reform and rehabilitation over imprisonment and exploitation, but I don't think we should START with the CHILD RAPISTS. Especially since it's been found that rehabilitating drug users is not that hard, but rehabilitating sex offenders, particularly child rapists, is extremely difficult. Maybe impossible. They haven't really been able to do it yet. So.

Lock them the fuck up for fuck's sake.

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