Tuesday, October 11, 2016

What I Have To Say About Trump


The fact that anyone was surprised by that tape in which Trump is heard to be bragging about and encouraging sexual assault is, well, very surprising to me. Have you not listened to him talk? Do you not understand how misogyny works? Have you not heard/read all the other times that he's said similarly, aggressively predatory things about women? Like?

Have you not heard about the fact that he's being sued for raping a 13-year-old girl, and that the case has a strong eyewitness? Do you not remember all the misogynistic and homophobic and fatphobic things he's said about women who have dared to criticize him, or exist in ways he doesn't approve of? Remember how he gave a girl an eating disorder? Remember how his own wife told multiple people about an incident that was 100% him raping her?

Have you not heard him talk about young girls, including his own daughter, in a completely disgusting manner? Remember how he talked like he wanted to fuck his own kid?

How is it that everyone has been able to ignore all of these things, plus all the racist and Islamophobic shit he's said, but this has even establishment Republicans condemning him and saying they're not voting for him and he should drop out of the race? He's always clearly been a gross sexual predator and rapist who views women as pieces of meat for consumption rather than as human.

My only guess is that this is all because he was talking about going after a white married women. And Republican men are all like "OH GOD HE MIGHT TRY TO FUCK MY PROPERTY I MEAN MY WIFE."

I mean I guess I'm grateful that this is causing his campaign to implode (although that was probably inevitable, hot mic or no hot mic) but it's really telling that this is what it took to get people to actually care. It is, however, satisfying to watch the spray tanned talking hemorrhoid get wrecked from all sides an collapse into a shriveled jack o' lantern that's hasn't been thrown away three weeks after Halloween.


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