Friday, October 7, 2016

Transphobes Attack Wrong Model for Being Trans

The transphobic and homophobic hate group One Million Moms has launched a boycott of H&M, where they probably never shopped anyway, because the company aired an add that included a trans woman. However, in the group's shitty petition, they named the wrong model as the target for their transphobic hate.

The ad, "She's a Lady," features Champion Muay Thai Boxer Fatima Pinto. Ms. Pinto is a cis woman, but because she is muscular as fuck, One Million Moms assumed that she's trans. Meanwhile, they completely overlooked the actual trans woman in the ad, Hari Nef, who only kicks ass with her looks rather than her fists and therefore does not have rippling arm muscles.


The petition also complains about a woman being in "skimpy lingerie" and an adorable shot of two women kissing under water. By showing that LGBT+ people and lingerie exist, H&M is apparently pushing that "LGBT agenda."

Fortunately, nobody cares about One Million Moms and we all know you're made up of a couple thousand men and some women, and you're all a bunch of whiny bigots who are rapidly becoming completely irrelevant.

In reality, this ad is awesome, and H&M should be proud. It features a ton of racial diversity, different body types, natural hair, women in charge, and an old woman looking bad-fucking-ass in a suit in addition to the trans woman, muscular woman, and two women kissing. Here's the ad:

Damn straight.

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