Friday, October 28, 2016

This is Two of My Least Favorite Things Combined


Black Man is Arrested After Defending Girl Who Was Molested on a Bus

The link only contains a video. A video of a black man, Moise Morancy, pinning down a white man who had been touching a 15-year-old girl. Morancy is yelling at this guy, giving him hell for being a pedophile child molester piece of shit. "DO. NO. TOUCH. HER. AGAIN."

He is my fucking hero.

And then the cops come and arrest him. Put him in handcuffs. The white guy's yelling that Morancy tried to kill him, looks like he's resisting arrest (at least a lot more than any black person whom police have claimed were resisting arrest), but gets treated just fine. Even though he was the one who attacked Morancy after he spoke up, and everyone saw it.

There are so many stories - so many fucking goddamn stories - of women and girls being bothered and harassed and sexually assaulted on the bus by men, and people do nothing. The people on the bus or on the train do nothing. They let it happen. They let grown men molest little girls and do nothing. This man does something and gets handcuffed for it. They never would have done that to a white man in the same position.

Thankfully, it seems to have ended well. Morancy himself thanked the "good officers of the NYPD" (if you can believe in such a thing) over a photo of him posing with officers posted on him Facebook page. He's clearly been released and the victim gave him a rose. And he's releasing a mix next month!

Anyway, I'm really angry that a girl had to endure that and that Morancy was detained like that. But I am also extremely happy that someone out there is willing to protect teen girls from child molesters, even knowing as well as he clearly does what could have happened to him. He is my hero. His actions have given me hope for this world.

Thank you, Moise Morancy. You are everything.

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