Thursday, October 27, 2016

Not Sure If This is More Hilarious or Horrifying

I came across one of the best and worst things I've ever seen yesterday.

If Women Wrote Men the Way Men Wrote Women

Like, it's funny, but also a stark reminder of how men write women so often. I haven't read shit like this in so long and even when I was younger I hated sexist shit like this. Just, ugh, men are so fucking gross and they hate women so much. I get called a man hater for calling men gross but look how they write us! They hate us!

Anyway, fair warning, it's funny but it's horrible. Funorrible.

Then there's Buzzfeed's If White Characters Were Described Like People of Color in Literature.

Mostly it's mortifying food analogies. I don't think I can ever read anything but anyone other than women of color ever again.

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