Monday, October 10, 2016

Indigenous People's Day


I'm happy to say that in my state of Washington, today is not columbus day, but Indigenous People's Day. Because finally FINALLY U.S. governments are starting to kind of sort of a little recognize how this nation was build upon the dead bodies and destroyed cultures of thousands of Indigenous American tribes, and those who are left are still constantly fucked over by state and federal governments. And not just by celebrating the man who sparked centuries of horror and death for Native Americans.

But don't take my word for it. The Establishment has published a piece by Jen Deerinwater, a member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, that covers all you need to know about why this nation's history is an utter travesty that we white people should all be deeply ashamed of. And it's required reading for any non-indigenous person today.

The ‘Birth Of The Americas’ Runs Red With The Blood Of My People

Cuomo and all white people are allowed to feel pride in their heritage, but not at the expense of the oppressed and marginalized. Continuing the legacy of columbus is to continue a false narrative of this nation’s history and to erase the slavery, genocide, mass rape, and theft of our land, language, religion, and culture to benefit them. It ignores what we continue to face, including the militarized violence we’re enduring even at this very minute at the hands of the state at Standing Rock and the U.S. government’s continual blatant disregard for treaties via the U.S. Court of Appeals Sunday ruling allowing the Dakota Access Pipeline construction to continue on sacred sites.

I actually had no idea that some of my fellow white people justify and defend columbus day based on the idea that it celebrates Italian heritage. Why would you want to celebrate that part of your heritage??? Like Deerinwater points out, I as a person with German heritage don't celebrate Hitler. I don't celebrate the day the Nazis invaded Poland or completed their first death camp. What the fuck kind of fucked up shit is that?

We white people need to stop.

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