Thursday, October 27, 2016

I Wrote Another Thing for The Establishment

As in the website, not the ruling class.

What Do You Do When No Candidate Is Unproblematic?

I don't know if it was luck or the fact that I've been thinking about this for several months, but this piece pretty much all just flowed out of me in a good order that allowed me to do a tie-in at the end and wrap things up nicely. But part of me still feels like I didn't explain things perfectly. Being an anxiety-ridden perfectionist will do that to you. The comments on The Establishment's Facebook post about it don't help.

Hillary Clinton isn't just "problematic." I tried to explain that in the piece by pointing out the fact that the term "problematic" has been used to describe things that are much worse. Clinton's record in terms of imperialism, military violence, and racism is so bad. SO BAD. That even though part of me just wants to vote for her to help ensure that Donald is thoroughly crushed, I can't do it. I already have my mail in ballot, by the way. Everything is filled out but my vote for President.

One person commented "Vote for the best possible outcome based on the available options, like an adult."


If only I could see into the future. Things would be so much easier. You know, assuming the future is good. And not horrible.

I dunno. I did my best on that piece. I'm doing my best to consider all the options and think of possible outcomes while also weighing my desire to actually live by my personal set of values. I'm going to research the socialist parties on the ballot and do some more research on the Green Party's chances of pulling five percent of the vote and hopefully make a decision this weekend so I can put this hell behind me.

I hope this election isn't making you too sad and anxious. Have a good Thursday.

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