Thursday, October 13, 2016

I Thought This Was a Joke

I saw a screenshot of a headline about this on Tumblr on my phone, but I was certain it was another satire piece that people had once again mistaken as real. Not that I blame people for mixing up satire and reality in this Twilight Zone, circus music, bizarre alternate universe of a year.

But I was SURE that THIS was a god damn fucking joke.

Trump supporters tweet #repealthe19th after polls show he’d win if only men voted

You may have heard about this particular poll that shows the drastic split in the male and female vote. Non-binary people not counted, of course.

I don't want to hear anymore whining about how I'm too mean to men or that "not all men." There are enough terrible men out there to elect Donald Trump President. That is way too many.

Not only that, but these hilarious jokesters are actually tweeting the hashtag #repealthe19th. Because I'm sure it's just a joke the second anyone calls them out for it.

There are plenty of reasons not to vote for Hillary Clinton. But a lot of men are refusing to vote for her because she's "shrill" or they don't like her face or because somehow Bill cheating on her by raping an intern is Hillary's fault, or any of a number of other petty and highly misogynistic reasons. Women refusing to vote for Donald do so because he's an actual rapist and his modeling company is involved in human trafficking and all of the misogynistic and rape culture-inspiring things he's said.

How about instead, we make things equal by taking away white men's right to vote for 150 years or so. And then we can watch things get a lot better real fast. Can you imagine how much shit women would get if that started trending on Twitter?

Anyway, burn the world.

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