Monday, October 31, 2016

Freedom of Speech is for White People


The anti-blackness in this country is just so stark, it's ridiculous.

First, the singer of the U.S. National Anthem for a recent 76er's game, a black woman, was turned away because she was wearing a jersey that said "We Matter." Not even "Black Lives Matter." Just "we."

She refused to change so they didn't let her sing. Because she dared to say that she and people like her matter.


Students Dress Up as Obama in a Noose at College Football Game, Allowed to Stay

According to video posted to social media, the pair of students were originally asked to leave the stadium, though school officials allowed them to stay, saying the costume was defensible as a form of free speech. Tweets from both the University of Wisconsin’s official account and from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Police Department said as much while denouncing the costume.

Oh sure. Free speech. A costume encouraging violence against the President and the woman who is soon to be President, one of which is a black man in a country with a history of lynching black men. That's protected speech. A piece of clothing saying "We Matter"? Nope.

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