Thursday, October 6, 2016

Flint is Still Fucked BTW

Remember Flint, Michigan? And how the people of the city were completely fucked over by the Michigan government cheaping the fuck out on their drinking water? Leading to many cases of lead poisoning, which causes irreversible brain damage. In children.

Yeah, the problem has not been fixed. As water donations have decreased to a trickle, the tap water is still completely unusable. It's gotten so bad that there's been an outbreak of Shigellosis in the city, a disease spread by widespread failure to wash one's hands. Probably due to the fact that they'd have to do that with expensive bottled stuff since we've all forgotten about them.

This comes just weeks after a report revealing that the state government revoked the ability of Flint citizens to sue their asses. Unless the state gives them permission. Which... lmao.

Even if the state switched Flint's water source back to the good ones, the pipes are still fucked and local trust in the government and water are non-existent, so they are avoiding even touching it. Which is completely understandable. I wouldn't touch that shit either.

If you want to help out, you can still donate bottled water or money to buy it. Or you can contact Michigan's state government and tell them how totally shit they are.

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