Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Can This Please Be a National Outrage


It's apparently not bad enough that the U.S. government is breaking treaties by allowing an oil corporation to build a pipeline on Sioux land. It's not bad enough that the company attacked peaceful protesters, water protectors, and praying people with dogs. It's not bad enough that the police are now conducting mass arrests, pepper spraying wildly, and doing everything they can to stop efforts to stop the construction of an illegal pipeline.

Now they're using sexual humiliation and abuse against Sioux women. Just like the U.S. has done to them for centuries.

Dakota Excess Pipeline? Standing Rock Protectors Strip-Searched, Jailed for Days on Minor Charges

I think that strip searching should be illegal in any case, but doing so to female protesters is completely unnecessary and clearly being done to punish them for protesting and send the message to Sioux and other women that standing up against the state will result in sexual abuse. I've never been strip searched, but the idea of it is completely terrifying to me. It sounds utterly violating and humiliating.

If that's still not bad enough, one woman is saying that she was left naked in a cell overnight. This is 100% abuse and I hope to god it's illegal.

There's a petition to demand that this shit stop, not that I think that a petition will be enough, but you can use it to spread the word. We need national attention on this immediately. If you have any notion about the history of the U.S.'s treatment of Native American women, you'll understand how fucking horrific this is. It needs to stop, the police need to leave the protesters alone, the pipeline construction needs to stop, and police and company executives need to be arrested for assault and abuse of people just trying to defend their land from bullshit.

This is why people were pleading the country not to forget about the DAPL after the government put a temporary halt on construction. It was clearly an appeasement tactic, as many of the Sioux protesters warned. Now NoDAPL isn't trending anymore because people think they've won, but nothing has changed. We have to keep fighting this until all construction is permanently halted, what's already there is removed, and we can be sure this shit won't happen again.

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