Monday, September 5, 2016

Violence Against Native Americans Continues Unabated

Did you think that U.S. government violence and cultural/literal genocide against Native Americans was a thing of the past? Thiiiiiiiink AGAIN.

You've probably heard of the Dakota Access oil pipeline that's to be build right through the middle of North Dakota and through the land of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, including sacred sites, which you would think would be against treaties, but that's never stopped this shit country before, so.

Members of the tribe have been bravely standing against construction, exposing themselves to the threat of arrest (very dangerous when you're Native American) and, more recently, the threat of the pepper spray and attack dogs courtesy of the company trying to build the pipeline, Sunoco. The fact that they're building this pipeline across land that doesn't belong to the U.S. government is bad enough and reason enough for all of us to protest. But they're also helping to stop yet another pipeline that will result in more burning of fossil fuels. Seeing as we can tolerate the burning of about zero more fossil fuels before the entire planet catches fire, we non-Natives really owe them.

While this is happening, some perhaps even more disgusting, heinous, and utterly disrespectful shit is being pulled by the government over in California.

Kumeyaay Nation protests Navy’s ‘desecration of sacred burial ground’

Literally. They're building a training site on top of bodies. They're denying its there even though they said the burial ground was there in 2002 and promised to leave it alone. They could just move the site a little, but no. Now, members of the Kumeyaay Nation can only watch and perform ceremonies to let their ancestors know that they feel their pain and try to comfort them. You can see video and read more here.

This is yet another reason (and a big one) why this nation doesn't deserve the respect of anyone standing during its anthem. This country was build on genocide by violent invaders. The "pilgrims" (colonizers) would have died in puddles of their own urine if not for the Indigenous peoples of the land the whites thought they had a right to, and we couldn't have beat them in a fair fight. So we used lies, broken treaties, biological warfare, and hundreds of years of cultural genocide to weasel our way across a piece of land that never belonged to us.

And to this day, we shit on them. We break treaties we've only ever pretended to abide by when it's convenient and do whatever we want. This is why this country doesn't deserve to exist, let alone get the respect of standing at attention.

Honestly, fuck the United States of America.

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