Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Violence Against Black Trans Women Continues


Another black trans woman has been brutally murdered in a clear hate crime. This woman, 25-year-old Dee Whigham, was stabbed 119 times and slashed three times across the throat. It sounds like another case of gay/trans "panic" in which a man's fragile masculinity was threatened when he found out she was trans, throwing him into a murderous rage in which he had to stab someone 119 times to regain his sense of "manhood." Her body was found in a hotel room.

Toxic masculinity and misplaced homophobia threatens black trans women most of all, along with the common, nearly constant transmisogyny seen in media that turns them into nothing more than jokes, and intimacy with them is portrayed as a horrifying and disgusting experience that straight men are tricked into.

At what point will TV writers and directors of movies that cast cis men as trans women realize this, and understand that they have gallons of blood on their hands? Not to mention all the people that support this media.

Protect black trans women. Refuse to tolerate transmisogyny.

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