Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ugh, There's More


More death. More murder by cops.

21-year-old Baltimore Country man dies after being beaten up by police officers.

This is not an incident of "oops I thought he was dangerous so I shot him." It takes a significant amount of beating to beat someone to death. Cop apologists fail to realize (or purposely ignore) the fact that black people are not just shot to death, but regularly beaten to death by officers. This is heinous murder. It's not just a pull of a trigger. As a human being, you decide to fell every blow. It takes several seconds at least to beat a man to death, possibly minutes. And during that entire time, you have the opportunity to stop. But in the case of Tawon Boyd, they didn't.

Not only that, but Boyd was the one who called the police, to report an intruder. He called the police for help and they assumed he was the dangerous one and killed him. Police say they found him "confused and paranoid, sweating heavily." OF COURSE THEY DID, HE THOUGHT SOMEONE HAD BROKEN INTO HIS HOME. I'd probably be sweating and covered in my own urine and babbling incoherently, but I'm white so they wouldn't kill me for it.

And there's more.

Protests/public mourning have erupted in Charlotte after the murder of Keith Lamont Scott. A protester has been shot in the head, and there are conflicting reports about whether he's alive or dead.

Police say he was shot by another protester. Multiple eye witnesses, who are fucking ministers, say that the police ambushed them suddenly and shot him in the head.

I am so scared for the people of Charlotte tonight. I am so scared for black people everywhere. I'm afraid they're going to keep being assassinated. I wish I could be there.

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