Monday, September 19, 2016

The Paralympics Were Better Than the Olympics

And we all missed it.

These 4 Paralympic runners would have beaten every Olympic runner in the 1500m final

Algerian runner Fouad Baka might have been disappointed when he only placed fourth in the Paralympic Games' T13 1500m final — a race for athletes with visual impairments — on Sunday with an impressive time of 3:49.59.  
Had he finished the same race at the Olympic Games in the same amount of time, Baka would have walked away a gold medalist — he would have beaten United States Olympic runner Matthew Centrowitz Jr.'s time by a millisecond. 
Of course, that means the three runners who claimed first, second and third place ahead of Baka outdid every 1500m Olympic runner with ease.

Athletes with visual impairments. Not talking about the athletes with the Flex-Foot prosthetic.

And then there's this:

You see, even we able-bodied and fully-sighted people miss out because of ableism. Is that enough to make the media cover and channels show the Paralympics once every four years?

No? Figures.

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