Friday, September 23, 2016

Something Positive

I can be loath to post things like this because it's kind of like the videos of black kids hugging cops. One white guy learning his lesson and changing doesn't change the fact that we committed fucking genocide on them and still refuse to change the name of a fucking football team that contains a racial slur.

But at the same time, I'm afraid that without the occasional positive post showing that at least individuals can change, some of my readers might actually kill themselves.

This has not been a happy blog lately.

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via Mitch Baird:  
“We were witness to something beautiful today. These two men are the same two men who were in that picture that went viral. Only in that picture, the gentleman on the right was wearing red face and feathers and angrily screaming at Robert Roche on the left. Today this man came up and asked for the forgiveness of my mentor and all those present. True to form, Robert graciously forgave him and listened to what he had to say. This baseball fan used my megaphone to address the wrong in how he acted previously. I watched my hero become an even more honored and cherished elder in one moment. This is the moment they shook hands and peace was made. I’m blessed to have been witness to this. — with Bee Schrull in Cleveland, Ohio.”

I found this on the official Antifa International Tumblr account.

I want to stress that just because this man forgave the white dude who wore redface and yelled racist shit at him, that doesn't mean that any white people deserve forgiveness or that anyone has to forgive anyone else. I am against the idea that people have to forgive others. It's not always the right or healthy thing to do. And again, we really don't deserve it.

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