Friday, September 16, 2016

Racists Ruin Everything No Matter What Black People Do, Always

Black men attempt to reduce racism by exposing children to positive black images and influence, Fox News and Breitbart find out and rile up their racist followers, peaceful even is cancelled due to threatening phone calls.

Black Men Uniting event at Seattle’s John Muir Elementary canceled due to security threat

Teachers had planned to wear shirts that featured the school’s name along with “We Stand Together” and “Black Lives Matter.” Several local news outlets published stories about the teachers’ plans, which were then picked up by conservative national outlets such as Fox News, Breitbart and the Daily Caller. 
The Mount Baker school received at least one threatening call related to the event, district spokesman Luke Duecy said. The district decided to cancel after consulting with Seattle police and the district’s safety and security staff.

Uh yeah can Fox News, Breitbart, and the Daily Caller please all die immediately. Just fucking lay down and die. Because all you do is encourage people to be racist, embolden already blatantly racist people, and RUIN EVERYTHING POSITIVE IN THE WORLD.

Seriously. No matter what people of color in this country do to try and reduce racism, conservative fucks and racists ruin it. This was the most positive thing, a great idea to directly increase positive visibility of black men who are constantly demonized in our media and are rarely allowed on the news unless it's their bodies after cops have killed them and it's time to make excuses for the cops and drag the black man's name through the mud. A way to teach children than black people are not villains or criminals and everyone deserves equal treatment and consideration.

Nope! They had to shut that down.

Fuck. You. Fucking. Racists. Burn. In. Fucking. Hell.

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