Thursday, September 22, 2016

Poland Needs Feminists

Apparently, the right wing party that just gained power in Poland is about to make the abortion rights situation there even worse. I did not know this, but apparently Poland has some Ireland-level abortion laws, with the only exceptions being for rape/incest, if the fetus isn't viable, and if it risks the life of the mother. Now, the right wing party wants to eliminate these exceptions AND criminalize miscarriage. 100% turning pregnant people into incubators. This is disturbing on a level that I can't even describe.

Here are some tweets on the issue.

They're using the hashtag #CzarnyProtest on Twitter to bring attention to this. Unfortunately there's a lot of cissexism in the tag. So cis feminists need to flood the tag with inclusive support. This is something that we can all get behind. People in Poland deserve better.

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