Wednesday, September 28, 2016

National Prison Strike Continues, Grows to Include Guards

Wow, this is mind-blowingly shocking and a thing I never though would happen in a billion years.

Guards Join Striking Prisoners In Alabama

Guards at the facility did not show up for their shifts at 6pm on Saturday, according to organizers of the national prison strike and audio and video accounts from a contraband cellphone inside the facility. 
“The warden is pushing the meal cart,” tweeted out the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee, one of the organizations behind the strike, which began on September 9th.

I knew about the strike and I knew it was still going and I'd been meaning to blog about it more because of course the mainstream media isn't covering it at all, and then this happened. And I mean, I'd heard of guards definitely being unsatisfied with conditions in prisons because it affects them, too, but I never thought they'd join a strike by the prisoners. I hope it's not entirely a selfish effort. I hope they really feel like prisoners are human beings who deserve decent treatment and human rights.

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