Thursday, September 8, 2016

Male Entitlement is Deadly


Another woman has been killed for daring to say no to a man. Tiarah Poyau, only 22, died because she didn't want a random dude to be grinding on her on the sidewalk.

Student killed at J’Ouvert wanted man to stop grinding on her: cops

St. John’s University student Tiarah Poyau, 22, was walking the pre-West Indian Day Parade route with three pals early Monday when she was accosted and told the man, “Get off me,’’ according to a source. 
Her friends, who were walking ahead of her around 4:15 a.m., then heard a shot and saw her fall at Empire Boulevard and Franklin Avenue. Poyau had been shot in the eye “at close range,’’ the source said.

All she did was say "get off me" when a man sexually assaulted her, and for this, she was immediately executed. Because men believe they deserve all access to women's bodies that they desire.

I also want to point out that both the victim and suspect are black, for two reasons. One, black women suffer more violence across the board than white woman. Second, the New York Post calls the suspect a "thug" in this article. They might as well call him the n-word. Yes, this man is an entitled, misogynistic murderer, but there is no excuse for using racially coded language like that. Fuck you, New York Post. This woman is dead, and you tainted the entire issue by using the new n-word. Way to disrespect the memory of a murdered black woman.

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