Thursday, September 8, 2016


Turns out that when you spend your life being a violent asshole and convincing yourself that you can attack people and remain above the law, you end up physically attacking a cop and getting your ass hauled to jail even though you're a white guy.

Gamergate leader arrested on 2 felony counts of assaulting a police officer

One of Gamergate’s most notorious harassers has been arrested and charged with two felonious accounts of assaulting a police officer. Depending on how prosecutors proceed, 30-year-old Virginian Ethan Ralph could face up to five years in prison. 
My hope is prosecutors will finally take his threat to public safety more seriously.

Excuse me. Hold on one moment.

Okay, back to the article.

According to reports from the Loudoun County Sheriff, Ralph was found drunk and passed out next to the Executive Conference and Training Center near Dulles International Airport. Police were called to the scene, where they attempted to awaken him while passed out in a nearby hotel lobby. 
This is where things reportedly turned violent between law enforcement and Ethan Ralph, who allegedly assaulted a deputy. He was immediately arrested and charged. In addition to two counts of felonious assault on a law enforcement officer, Ralph faces additional charges of obstruction of justice.

If you don't know, Ethan Ralph runs the Ralph Retort, an alt-right GamerGate website where he obsesses over women, people of color, and particularly woman of color who do things like make video games or talk about video games. One of his most recent obsessions was Alison Rapp, who dared to have a job at Nintendo and do said job after a standard bit of localization made a bunch of GamerGaters cry.

He and his rabid followers latched onto the idea of Rapp being an escort and obsessed over it for weeks, pouring over every detail of some random Seattle escort they found that had some similar physical features, not caring about ruining this random woman's business in their sad and fucked up pursuit of... something, I don't even know why they were doing this. The point is they need better hobbies, and Ralph has finally got what's coming to him for committing libel and other verbal violence upon innocent people.

Violent people are violent, and their lives eventually come crashing down on top of them. Unless they're rich. But Ralph is not. So enjoy prison.

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