Monday, September 5, 2016

Catching Up


Once again, all the things happened while I was on vacation. Here are some brief thoughts on the major events.

Brock Turner being released from jail - As we all expected, he only did half his time for "good behavior." On the plus side, perhaps because this compounds the injustice and his crime is still so fresh in our memories, his neighbors are staking out his house to let him know that he is not welcome and his crimes will never be forgiven. I 100% support this action in the face of a country with a useless "justice" system, but I do not support the use of rape threats, jokes, or saying that someone deserves to be raped, even if that person is a rapist. This is not because I think Brock Turner should ever be protected from anything or that he deserves better. It's because saying that rape should ever be used as a form of punishment or revenge fuels rape culture. Don't do it.

Colin Kaepernick sitting during the national anthem - My opinions on this issue should be obvious. I vow not to stand during the U.S. national anthem until this country treats people of color right. In other words, probably never.

Lena Dunham whining that a black man ignored her - Shut up forever, Lena Dunham.

Dakota Access Pipeline protests - This entire thing, from the attempted construction of the pipeline to the horrific violence used against the Indigenous tribes protesting it, is representative of how this nation has made exactly zero progress in its treatment of the peoples that my ancestors committed genocide against. More on this later today.

Taco trucks on every corner - Yes, please.

What fuckery are we in for this week? Only time will tell!

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