Monday, September 26, 2016

Black Girl Hit By Car, Pepper Sprayed and Arrested For It


If you were on your bike and got hit by a fucking car, would you expect police to react by pepper spraying you, handcuffing you, and throwing you into the back seat of a police car? If not, you might be white.

A 15-year-old black girl's only crime was to refuse treatment after a car hit her and knocked her off her bike. Instead of arresting whoever hit her, cops stopped her from leaving, pulled her off her bike, slammed her against a wall, handcuffed her, threw her into the back of a police car, and then peppered sprayed multiple times through the window of the car where she can be heard saying "I can't breathe." Then they took her to the police station instead of a hospital. But they just wanted her to be treated, right?

People are saying that she "damaged property" by being hit by a car (pedestrians ALWAYS have the right of way and that vehicle was in the wrong) or because releasing her is a liability. So people can't refuse medical treatment now? And these (white) commenters clearly don't understand that of course this black girl wanted to leave. She's probably terrified of police, having seen countless cases of black people being attacked and murdered by police officers, including kids younger than her. Now all her fears have been confirmed and my fellow white people are defending these shit cops.

The thing is, black kids are not seen as people. Let alone kids. They're seen, at best, as liabilities. This can't continue. Black kids should be able to cry and be afraid and act like the children they are without being assaulted and horribly abused by the ones who are supposed to be protectors. She didn't need to be grabbed or slammed or handcuffed or pepper sprayed, Even if they couldn't let her go, they could have easily handled this without hurting her. But they didn't even try. They immediately saw this little girl as a threat and now she's probably traumatized for life.

And no I do not give the slightest fuck that she had some pot on her. If it were up to me she'd get a lifetime supply of cannabis to help her cope with the PTSD.

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