Friday, September 23, 2016

Bisexual Awareness Week

This week has been Bisexual Awareness Week, and it's been unfortunately largely ignored, at least by me, because of all the violence against black people that has happened recently. Another reason cops are terrible. Ruining Bisexual Awareness Week.

Anyway, here is your reminder that bi people are bi. No matter who they're currently in a relationship with and regardless of past relationships. I don't care if it's all women or all men. Bi people are bi and the only thing that can change that is if a bi person decides they're no longer or never was bi because another identity fits them better.

Bisexual individuals often suffer bullshit from both straight people and gay and lesbian communities. They get it from all sides because they're not "straight enough" and they're not "gay enough." They're accused of being greedy, being liars, being untrustworthy, and faking their sexuality for attention or for the sake of experimentation. And then there are the fucking straight dudes and their requests for three-ways from bi women. The answer is always "no," straight dudes.

Teen Vogue, oddly, has a great article on misconceptions about bi people, including some not listed here.

The first person who ever came out to me is bisexual, so even as a straight, I actually never understood all the hate against and misconceptions about bisexuality. I especially never understood the idea that bisexuality isn't real. And I don't understand the weird media silence about it, with so many movies and TV shows refusing to use the word. So many characters that have dated both men and women and instead of people going "oh they're bi" they go "oh they're gay/lesbian now!"

I mean, maybe. Sometimes that's how it is. But characters can literally go back and forth or continue to show attraction to the gender they first dated and still be considered gay or lesbian. It's baffling to me.

Clearly, bisexual people have to put up with waaaaaay too much shit. Make sure to hug your local bisexual today, or if they prefer, buy them a coffee or just compliment their shoes.

I love you, bisexuals! This is for you!

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