Thursday, September 15, 2016

Adults Sexualize Teacher Whose Curves Go Unnoticed By Students

You may have heard of the case of the black teacher come to be known as "TeacherBae" (Paris Monroe) who was scrutinized and bashed for wearing the kind of clothes she likes to wear while having a certain body type.

Why Is The Internet Freaking Out Over This Teacher's Wardrobe?

Racism, misogynoir, body shaming, hyper-sexualization of black women's bodies, etc.

I just want to point out that very few of her young students have noticed her body in any kind of sexual way. How do I know this? Because young children don't do that. Most of them have yet to learn this very much learned behavior. If they have sexualized her, it's because they learned it from an adult. And the problem is that adult, not this teacher.

Leave her the fuck alone. Curvy bodies are not automatically sexual. Black bodies are not automatically sexual. Stop being so fucking racist and terrible.

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