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I love lion cubs so much.

Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters Attacked By Police

It was bad enough that the company that owns the pipeline sent in hired goons to attack peaceful protesters. Now the state is sending in its hired goons to do the same thing to people who are simply praying and protesting to stop work on a pipeline that is supposed to be on hold.

According to the Censored News blog, the police surrounded protesters with automatic weapons, military-style armored vehicles, and shotguns, arrested 21 of them, dropped tear gas, confiscated phones, and deleted videos of it all. There a photos and videos at the link.

Click to Enlarge

There are also reports of protester access to Facebook being blocked and Facebook deleting protester videos. People have even reported trouble keeping these videos up on Tumblr.

How police could possibly justify doing this is beyond me, but I'm sure they'll try. But before they'll even bother, media sources need to pick this up and spread the word. This is worse than the private security company attacking protesters. And this is far from over. The temporary halt order on the pipeline's construction was likely only to appease the masses and get people to declare premature victory, then forget about it.

Don't let them trick you. Don't forget about it. Keep speaking out.

Alfred Olango


I'm late on this, possibly because my brain overloaded from all the police fuckery that's been going on. But I need to power through it. And some new details have come out about this case.

Alfred Olango was a 30-year-old black man who is now dead because cops killed him. He was unarmed and "acting erratically," according to police, and he took something out of his pocket and pointed it at them, so they shot and killed him. It was a vape pen.

I heard both that Olango was having an episode related to mental illness and that he was having a seizure. According to NBC, neither is true. He was actually grieving due to the recent death of a close friend, says his family. They say he was having a "mental breakdown," which isn't really a thing. However, intense grief and emotional distress will make people behave "erratically," because hello?

There's some speculation that Olango may have pointed his vape pen at police intentionally, knowing they would shoot him. At the same time, there are people callously saying shit like, "you should know not to point things at police," as though Olango deserved to die. But did you also know that "suicide by cop" is a thing? The fact that this is a thing and that Olango may have known he could commit suicide by pointing a vape pen at cops is supremely fucked up.

People say that if you cooperate with police and do what they say, you'll be fine. Of course this has proven not to be true multiple times when it comes to black people. But also, this shouldn't be an expectation to survive an encounter with police. There are many reasons why people might not be able to behave exactly in the way that police want. Maybe they're having a seizure. Or a stroke. Or are mentally ill and are having an episode. Or they could be autistic. Or deaf and unable to speak. None of these people deserve to die.

The Wage Gap

No, not that wage gap, the other one.

The wage gap between black and white Americans is at a 40-year high

This makes the stagnation of the gender wage gap seem like not such a big deal. Of course they're both problems, but feminists need to be talking about this because racism is bad and, you know, black women exist.

That's right: The wage gap between blacks and whites in the United States is higher than it was nearly 40 years ago. 
On average, black men earn 78 cents on the dollar compared to white men when comparing hourly wages.  
And it's even worse for black women, who earn 65.8 cents to a white man's dollar. Meanwhile, white women earn 11.7% more than black women.


This probably has a lot to do with the increasing incarceration of black people and the horrible way tiny black children are treated in schools, resulting in the school-to-prison pipeline.

Bias Isn't Just A Police Problem, It's A Preschool Problem

While the teachers watched, eye-scan technology measured the trajectory of their gaze. Gilliam wanted to know: When teachers expected bad behavior, who did they watch? 
"What we found was exactly what we expected based on the rates at which children are expelled from preschool programs," Gilliam says. "Teachers looked more at the black children than the white children, and they looked specifically more at the African-American boy." 
Indeed, according to recent data from the U.S. Department of Education, black children are 3.6 times more likely to be suspended from preschool than white children. Put another way, black children account for roughly 19 percent of all preschoolers, but nearly half of preschoolers who get suspended.

Welcome to post-racial America, where we stopped trying not to be racist and things are therefore getting worse for black people again.

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I will never get tired of this.

Flawless Feminist Victory


The Sexual Assault Survivors’ Rights Act unanimously passed the U.S. Senate, clearing the final hurdle to land on Obama's desk, who will of course be signing it, because he's not terrible.

If you weren't aware, this is the legislation made possible by Amanda Nguyen that dramatically expands the rights of rape victims to store, get access to, and prevent the destruction of their rape kits to make it not completely impossible to convict their rapists.

Nguyen has been agitating for the legislation ever since her own rape several years ago exposed her to a broken system. After submitting evidence to Massachusetts through a rape kit, Nguyen was told she had 15 years to decide whether to cooperate with criminal charges – but only six months before the state was allowed to destroy her kit. As a consequence, Nguyen spends several weeks each year scrambling to locate her rape kit so she can file an extension. 
Her ordeal – once, a police officer told her the kit was likely in police custody, only for a lab technician to confirm the kit was actually at a lab – caused her to wonder about the law in other states. Nguyen compiled a list of more than 20 rights that different states guarantee to someone who reports a sexual assault.

That's completely fucked up, and now it can be less fucked up!

There's still a lot more to do to create anything resembling justice in our so-called justice system in terms of rape victims, but this is a victory worth celebrating. Thank you, Amanda Nguyen!

Recommended Reading

If you haven't noticed, I've been rather terrified by the current rise in nationalist and white supremacy across the U.S., Canada, and dominantly white Western European nations. Both Trump and Brexit are the high profile symptoms of this surge. Both are fueled by white nationalist xenophobia and racist, rhetoric about "those immigrants" causing all of our problems, Islamophobia, and in the U.S., the terror sparked in my fellow white people at the sight of black Americans fighting back against police brutality/modern-day lynchings.

And this piece on Vox is doing an excellent job explaining all of this in a way that I have not yet been able to, because I can't get my brain to stop screaming every time I think about it, let alone settle down enough to do the appropriate research. Thankfully, liberal white dudes and their privilege are good for something.

White riot: How racism and immigration gave us Trump, Brexit, and a whole new kind of politics

Keep in mind that I haven't read the entire thing yet. There may well be problematic elements to it that I haven't gotten to. Upon scrolling, I did notice one ableist slur in a subheader, surprise surprise.

It's a long read, but I think it's also very important for my fellow white people to be seriously thinking about this problem. And being afraid. Racism and xenophobia are not things of the past. White supremacists, Nazis, and the KKK aren't even things of the past. These bigots resurface every time the world is going through a rough spot to prey on the fear and powerlessness of poor and middle class whites who feel as though their unearned privileges are being taken away by the demands of people of color who demand their basic human rights.

The funny thing is, of course, that the increase in immigration and refugees are all due to white interference, terrorism, and imperialism. The Central American immigrants are coming here because of the horrific gang warfare in those countries created as a direct result of our "War on Drugs." And of course, we know why there are Syrian refugees, right?

But that doesn't matter much to my fellow white people.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

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Turtles eating is literally the best thing in the universe.

National Prison Strike Continues, Grows to Include Guards

Wow, this is mind-blowingly shocking and a thing I never though would happen in a billion years.

Guards Join Striking Prisoners In Alabama

Guards at the facility did not show up for their shifts at 6pm on Saturday, according to organizers of the national prison strike and audio and video accounts from a contraband cellphone inside the facility. 
“The warden is pushing the meal cart,” tweeted out the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee, one of the organizations behind the strike, which began on September 9th.

I knew about the strike and I knew it was still going and I'd been meaning to blog about it more because of course the mainstream media isn't covering it at all, and then this happened. And I mean, I'd heard of guards definitely being unsatisfied with conditions in prisons because it affects them, too, but I never thought they'd join a strike by the prisoners. I hope it's not entirely a selfish effort. I hope they really feel like prisoners are human beings who deserve decent treatment and human rights.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

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Of course.

This is Beautiful

Again, we need some positive shit today.

Transgender couple make history with birth of their first child

A transgender man has given birth after conceiving with his transgender wife. The couple have made history as the first transgender couple in South America to do so. 
Fernando Machado, who was assigned female at birth and his partner Diane Rodriguez, who was assigned male at birth, welcomed their first child. 
The couple who live in Ecuador have expressed their desire to have more children.


Look at this beautiful family:

Perfect. Congratulations, Diane and Fernando!

One Thing About Last Night's Debate

That is all.

Monday, September 26, 2016

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Kittens + large dog = maximum cute.

Powerlessness and Anger


I've been getting to the heart of some serious issues in therapy lately, and I'm beginning to understand how deeply feelings of powerlessness, injustice, abuse, and anger are linked. I can have such violent feelings, such intense anger that I feel like under the right circumstances I could attack somebody. Maybe even kill them. And it all comes back to how powerless I felt as a child - how for years I felt beset on all sides by people who only wanted to hurt me, who mistreated and abused me, dumped all their negative emotions onto me, and gaslighted me by saying that they loved me and cared about me.

I spent much of my childhood feeling utterly alone in a situation that I couldn't possibly escape. I knew it was wrong to treat me that way and that it was an injustice, even as I tried to justify it by blaming myself and eventually hating myself.

But that was only in my family unit. As fucked up as that is, imagine if the entire society treated you like that. If the police that people keep telling you are there to "serve and protect" regularly mistreat and abuse you, treating you like a criminal even when you've done absolutely nothing wrong. Imagine that you see other people of your skin color being treated like this every day, being attacked and maimed and beaten and murdered, and there's no justice to be found. You're completely powerless in the face of this unjust force that's completely sanctioned by the government and society.

I recently saw a video of some cops questioning some black kids on bikes, filmed by a black man. There were two cops cars with flashing lights and two white officers, one with a notepad out, asking them their names and birth dates. According to the man filming, the kids had done nothing, but police had accosted them for, I guess, being in a group while black. These kids were babies, maybe eight or nine, riding around a well lit area of a city or town at night - somewhere I would consider to be safe for a group of children. They looked scared.

The man filming was angry, telling the cops to leave the kids alone. He told the kids not to say anything until their parents arrived and kept repeating that the kids hadn't done anything and didn't deserve to be treated that way - like suspects.

The cops eventually leave, probably because they're being filmed, getting all pissy at the guy filming, and the black man becomes increasingly angry. He walks away after shouting at the cops a bit about how messed up it is to scare children and treat them like criminals. Then as he's walking away from the area, he can be heard on the video swearing, talking about how angry that makes him, and saying that he has "so much inside him" and talking about a desire to attack the cops.

Some of the comments on this video were therefore of course about how it's not okay for him to swear at/near/about cops and talk about wanting to commit violence upon them and generally expressing his anger. That part of the video touched me. It made me sad. Deeply sad. The repeated "I have so much inside of me" hit me hard.

I can't possibly understand what it's like to be black or anything but white in this incredibly racist country, but I can understand, to a point, that feeling. The feeling of having so much inside. So much anger and pain, so much that it feels impossible to ever release it all. It feels endless and impossible, and it's fueled by the fact that justice feels so utterly out of reach. People in power are hurting you and you don't deserve it and there's nothing you can do to stop them and they'll never be punished for it. There will not be justice.

To involve children in that? If I knew that not only had I experienced that and would keep experiencing that, but children like me would be hurt in the same way? I've felt so much anger and pain it felt like it would drive me to the breaking point - like I would lose control and become a rabid animal. I can't even begin to imagine the rage I would feel if I saw myself in a group of little children, seeing that same hurt and fear and pain and injustice being committed upon them than I suffered and continue to suffer and can't make stop.

Not only do I sanction the filming man's anger and everything he said, I ask my fellow white people how we could possibly condemn the actions of any black people in this country? Protests, riots, property damage, assault, shooting and killing cops. How can we condemn any of it? I can't, understanding how my own experiences of hurt and powerlessness and injustice have led me to fall into fits of rage, screaming, hitting things, even going so far as to fling a glass at the man I love, despite the comparative smallness of my past experiences.

I have little doubt that if my childhood experience had been expanded to all of society, I would be a physically violent person. Maybe I'd already be in prison. Knowing how a deep sense of powerlessness creates not just anger, but a rage and a desperation, a feeling of being cornered and wanting desperately to escape - I'm surprised that all of us white people haven't already been murdered.

Black Girl Hit By Car, Pepper Sprayed and Arrested For It


If you were on your bike and got hit by a fucking car, would you expect police to react by pepper spraying you, handcuffing you, and throwing you into the back seat of a police car? If not, you might be white.

A 15-year-old black girl's only crime was to refuse treatment after a car hit her and knocked her off her bike. Instead of arresting whoever hit her, cops stopped her from leaving, pulled her off her bike, slammed her against a wall, handcuffed her, threw her into the back of a police car, and then peppered sprayed multiple times through the window of the car where she can be heard saying "I can't breathe." Then they took her to the police station instead of a hospital. But they just wanted her to be treated, right?

People are saying that she "damaged property" by being hit by a car (pedestrians ALWAYS have the right of way and that vehicle was in the wrong) or because releasing her is a liability. So people can't refuse medical treatment now? And these (white) commenters clearly don't understand that of course this black girl wanted to leave. She's probably terrified of police, having seen countless cases of black people being attacked and murdered by police officers, including kids younger than her. Now all her fears have been confirmed and my fellow white people are defending these shit cops.

The thing is, black kids are not seen as people. Let alone kids. They're seen, at best, as liabilities. This can't continue. Black kids should be able to cry and be afraid and act like the children they are without being assaulted and horribly abused by the ones who are supposed to be protectors. She didn't need to be grabbed or slammed or handcuffed or pepper sprayed, Even if they couldn't let her go, they could have easily handled this without hurting her. But they didn't even try. They immediately saw this little girl as a threat and now she's probably traumatized for life.

And no I do not give the slightest fuck that she had some pot on her. If it were up to me she'd get a lifetime supply of cannabis to help her cope with the PTSD.

Recommended Reading


Another required one for my fellow white feminists.

No, White Women, Betty Shelby’s Manslaughter Charge Is Not Unfair

I'm once again disappointed in us for making black women feel unsafe because something happened to a white woman.

For far too long, Black men have been harmed and, yes, killed in the name of protecting white women. One need look no further than the cases of Emmett Till, Susan Smith, Amanda Knox, and Bonnie Sweeten to see the pattern here, and it’s past time white feminists really start to do the tough work of owning up to that legacy. Yes, white women are oppressed by patriarchy and misogyny. Yes, they are oppressed by male-dominated power structures. But white women are also fully capable of oppressing Black Americans and have been doing so both consciously and unconsciously for centuries. In order to change that, one must first acknowledge it.

I will readily admit that when I saw that Shelby was being charged, after first being annoyed that it's only a manslaughter charge, I thought about the possibility of it being easier to charge her because she's a woman.

However, historically, this doesn't make sense. Yes, white men are coddled like nobody else, but the U.S. in particular has a history in which white women were not only used as excuses to murder black men, but would use their position to incite hate mobs and lynchings. White women only had to claim a black man looked at her to get them killed, and we did.

So no, it actually seems more likely that a white woman like Shelby could invoke the old "protect the white woman against the black man" trope to say that she felt "threatened" by Crutcher. And, as author Syreeta Neal points out, this is far from the first time an officer has been charged for killing a black man. We white feminists neeeeeeeeeeeeeed to know the history of this thing we claim to support, or we're going to keep proving to women of color that we don't deserve their support.

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God bless Bethesda and their glitchy fucking games.

Bisexual Awareness Week

This week has been Bisexual Awareness Week, and it's been unfortunately largely ignored, at least by me, because of all the violence against black people that has happened recently. Another reason cops are terrible. Ruining Bisexual Awareness Week.

Anyway, here is your reminder that bi people are bi. No matter who they're currently in a relationship with and regardless of past relationships. I don't care if it's all women or all men. Bi people are bi and the only thing that can change that is if a bi person decides they're no longer or never was bi because another identity fits them better.

Bisexual individuals often suffer bullshit from both straight people and gay and lesbian communities. They get it from all sides because they're not "straight enough" and they're not "gay enough." They're accused of being greedy, being liars, being untrustworthy, and faking their sexuality for attention or for the sake of experimentation. And then there are the fucking straight dudes and their requests for three-ways from bi women. The answer is always "no," straight dudes.

Teen Vogue, oddly, has a great article on misconceptions about bi people, including some not listed here.

The first person who ever came out to me is bisexual, so even as a straight, I actually never understood all the hate against and misconceptions about bisexuality. I especially never understood the idea that bisexuality isn't real. And I don't understand the weird media silence about it, with so many movies and TV shows refusing to use the word. So many characters that have dated both men and women and instead of people going "oh they're bi" they go "oh they're gay/lesbian now!"

I mean, maybe. Sometimes that's how it is. But characters can literally go back and forth or continue to show attraction to the gender they first dated and still be considered gay or lesbian. It's baffling to me.

Clearly, bisexual people have to put up with waaaaaay too much shit. Make sure to hug your local bisexual today, or if they prefer, buy them a coffee or just compliment their shoes.

I love you, bisexuals! This is for you!

Something Positive

I can be loath to post things like this because it's kind of like the videos of black kids hugging cops. One white guy learning his lesson and changing doesn't change the fact that we committed fucking genocide on them and still refuse to change the name of a fucking football team that contains a racial slur.

But at the same time, I'm afraid that without the occasional positive post showing that at least individuals can change, some of my readers might actually kill themselves.

This has not been a happy blog lately.

Click to Enlarge
via Mitch Baird:  
“We were witness to something beautiful today. These two men are the same two men who were in that picture that went viral. Only in that picture, the gentleman on the right was wearing red face and feathers and angrily screaming at Robert Roche on the left. Today this man came up and asked for the forgiveness of my mentor and all those present. True to form, Robert graciously forgave him and listened to what he had to say. This baseball fan used my megaphone to address the wrong in how he acted previously. I watched my hero become an even more honored and cherished elder in one moment. This is the moment they shook hands and peace was made. I’m blessed to have been witness to this. — with Bee Schrull in Cleveland, Ohio.”

I found this on the official Antifa International Tumblr account.

I want to stress that just because this man forgave the white dude who wore redface and yelled racist shit at him, that doesn't mean that any white people deserve forgiveness or that anyone has to forgive anyone else. I am against the idea that people have to forgive others. It's not always the right or healthy thing to do. And again, we really don't deserve it.


Is there any way that cops in this country could possibly make themselves look any worse? I just don't think it's possible.


Police Accidentally Record Themselves Conspiring to Fabricate Criminal Charges Against Protester

Tim Gunn cannot take anymore of this bullshit.

The ACLU of Connecticut is suing state police for fabricating retaliatory criminal charges against a protester after troopers were recorded discussing how to trump up charges against him. In what seems like an unlikely stroke of cosmic karma, the recording came about after a camera belonging to the protester, Michael Picard, was illegally seized by a trooper who didn’t know that it was recording and carried it back to his patrol car, where it then captured the troopers’ plotting. 
“Let’s give him something,” one trooper declared. Another suggested, “we can hit him with creating a public disturbance.” “Gotta cover our ass,” remarked a third.

They just don't care. They don't care about other people's lives. Least of all black lives.

Tell me again that all lives matter you fuckers.

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I hope this cuteness can ease the pain that I know some of you are feeling.

Poland Needs Feminists

Apparently, the right wing party that just gained power in Poland is about to make the abortion rights situation there even worse. I did not know this, but apparently Poland has some Ireland-level abortion laws, with the only exceptions being for rape/incest, if the fetus isn't viable, and if it risks the life of the mother. Now, the right wing party wants to eliminate these exceptions AND criminalize miscarriage. 100% turning pregnant people into incubators. This is disturbing on a level that I can't even describe.

Here are some tweets on the issue.

They're using the hashtag #CzarnyProtest on Twitter to bring attention to this. Unfortunately there's a lot of cissexism in the tag. So cis feminists need to flood the tag with inclusive support. This is something that we can all get behind. People in Poland deserve better.

Ugh, There's More


More death. More murder by cops.

21-year-old Baltimore Country man dies after being beaten up by police officers.

This is not an incident of "oops I thought he was dangerous so I shot him." It takes a significant amount of beating to beat someone to death. Cop apologists fail to realize (or purposely ignore) the fact that black people are not just shot to death, but regularly beaten to death by officers. This is heinous murder. It's not just a pull of a trigger. As a human being, you decide to fell every blow. It takes several seconds at least to beat a man to death, possibly minutes. And during that entire time, you have the opportunity to stop. But in the case of Tawon Boyd, they didn't.

Not only that, but Boyd was the one who called the police, to report an intruder. He called the police for help and they assumed he was the dangerous one and killed him. Police say they found him "confused and paranoid, sweating heavily." OF COURSE THEY DID, HE THOUGHT SOMEONE HAD BROKEN INTO HIS HOME. I'd probably be sweating and covered in my own urine and babbling incoherently, but I'm white so they wouldn't kill me for it.

And there's more.

Protests/public mourning have erupted in Charlotte after the murder of Keith Lamont Scott. A protester has been shot in the head, and there are conflicting reports about whether he's alive or dead.

Police say he was shot by another protester. Multiple eye witnesses, who are fucking ministers, say that the police ambushed them suddenly and shot him in the head.

I am so scared for the people of Charlotte tonight. I am so scared for black people everywhere. I'm afraid they're going to keep being assassinated. I wish I could be there.

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Gif of the Day

This is disturbing but as a former Smash master I can confirm that the reach is accurate.

Recommended Reading


As per usual, Ijeoma Oluo is putting out brilliant pieces of writing on the issue of police brutality. This one, published by The Guardian, is particularly hard-hitting.

This photo tells you all you need to know about policing in America

This article explains, using some of the many examples of police brutality and deception in recent memory, how the police have demonstrated that they as a whole do not serve black people. "Protect and serve" is a half-truth at best. They're here to protect and serve some. And when people point that out, the police further demonstrate that they're only willing to serve some.

The police have become even more open in their declarations that they are not here to serve us. They have threatened not to provide police protection to athletes who dare protest police brutality by not standing during the national anthem. They stopped doing their jobs in New York when the mayor dared to question why so many black men have died by their hands. In Seattle, police demanded higher pay and more benefits before they would start implementing measures to stop abusing the public. In West Virginia, they have started firing police officers for not killing black men. The message has been simple: we are not in service for black people, and if you question us, we won’t be in service for you either.

When black people dare to demand that the police serve them by, you know, not murdering them all the time, the police just go further and more explicit in their refusal to serve them. It's ridiculous and disgusting and utterly cruel, and yet people support it. So many of my fellow white people defend the police as an institution.

We cannot. Until this stops, there can be no good cops. No rhetoric about bad apples. No "not all." No saying that we have to have police (we don't), no saying that they deserve more than anyone else, no accepting pitiful "reforms" that do nothing to actually address the problem. We must all stand united in the demand that policing stops until the entire system is torn down in favor of something that is designed from the ground up to work for everybody. Nothing less is acceptable.

Stop It Stop It Stop It


I swear to god, immediately halt all activity in all police departments and disarm all officers until the many racists can be weeded the fuck out or the entire system can be replaced. I don't care how many people commit crimes in the meantime. We don't deserve law and order after letting this go on for so long.

Tyre King, 13, murdered after running from police and allegedly having a BB gun. Youngest since Tamir Rice.

Terence Crutcher, murdered after his car broke down in the middle of the road. Unarmed, had his hands up. There was no reason for police to even approach him with weapons drawn. Now he's dead.

Keith Lamont Scott, murdered while sitting in his own car, reading a book while waiting for his son to come home from school. Shot by an undercover cop looking to arrest someone else. He was disabled. Police say he had a gun, witnesses say he did not. North Carolina recently passed a law allowing police to withhold dashboard and body camera footage from the public.

Anthony Lamar Smith, murdered back in 2011, but new footage has been released clearly showing the officer that killed him, Jason Stockley, taking a gun out of the police vehicle and planting it on the body of the man he had just murdered.

Terrill Thomas, found dead in his jail cell back in April 2016 after being denied water for days. His death was just ruled a homicide after the medical examiner found that he died of profound dehydration. A terrible way to die.

Stop murdering black men. Stop murdering black women. Stop murdering black children. Stop murdering black people because you're racist and think that all black people are dangerous because of their skin color. Stop pretending this nearly daily occurrence is anything but anti-black racism.


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Monday, September 19, 2016

Gif of the Day

I was in a fencing club for two years in college and this is what it felt like going up against the people who had been doing it for their entire lives. To this day, I'm terrible at it. Good times.

Amazing Women of Color

An elementary school bus driver rescued 20 children and went back to double check for more when her bust burst into flames. That hero Reneita Smith, who says she was just doing her job.

But all 20 students of Glenarden Woods Elementary School in Prince George's County made it off the bus safely thanks to the driver. Reneita Smith jumped into action when she saw flames. 
"I opened my door, took off my seat belt, and I got my babies off that bus," she said.

This was no little fire, either. Smith jumped into action after spotting actual flames coming from the wheels, and the bus was engulfed shortly after she left it for the final time after making absolutely sure that no children were left on board. Then the bus looked like this:

Holy fuck.

That guy's like "fuck it, there's no saving that bus."

It's a good thing that Reneita Smith was there to calmly take action. She thought nothing of herself and still doesn't consider herself to be a hero. Thank you, Reneita Smith.

The Paralympics Were Better Than the Olympics

And we all missed it.

These 4 Paralympic runners would have beaten every Olympic runner in the 1500m final

Algerian runner Fouad Baka might have been disappointed when he only placed fourth in the Paralympic Games' T13 1500m final — a race for athletes with visual impairments — on Sunday with an impressive time of 3:49.59.  
Had he finished the same race at the Olympic Games in the same amount of time, Baka would have walked away a gold medalist — he would have beaten United States Olympic runner Matthew Centrowitz Jr.'s time by a millisecond. 
Of course, that means the three runners who claimed first, second and third place ahead of Baka outdid every 1500m Olympic runner with ease.

Athletes with visual impairments. Not talking about the athletes with the Flex-Foot prosthetic.

And then there's this:

You see, even we able-bodied and fully-sighted people miss out because of ableism. Is that enough to make the media cover and channels show the Paralympics once every four years?

No? Figures.

The Police Endorse Donald Trump

No, like, literally.

America’s Largest Police Union Endorses Donald Trump

“Our members believe he will make America safe again,” FOP President Chuck Canterbury said in a statement. Trump “seriously looked at the issues facing law enforcement today” and “understands and supports our priorities.”

Right. Killing black people.

If there was any doubt that the U.S. police is a racist institution, nationally, welp...

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Gif of the Day


Bonus Squeaks

It's Friday so here are some adorable squeaks for you:

A video posted by ayako🇯🇵 (@ponchan918) on


Racists Ruin Everything No Matter What Black People Do, Always

Black men attempt to reduce racism by exposing children to positive black images and influence, Fox News and Breitbart find out and rile up their racist followers, peaceful even is cancelled due to threatening phone calls.

Black Men Uniting event at Seattle’s John Muir Elementary canceled due to security threat

Teachers had planned to wear shirts that featured the school’s name along with “We Stand Together” and “Black Lives Matter.” Several local news outlets published stories about the teachers’ plans, which were then picked up by conservative national outlets such as Fox News, Breitbart and the Daily Caller. 
The Mount Baker school received at least one threatening call related to the event, district spokesman Luke Duecy said. The district decided to cancel after consulting with Seattle police and the district’s safety and security staff.

Uh yeah can Fox News, Breitbart, and the Daily Caller please all die immediately. Just fucking lay down and die. Because all you do is encourage people to be racist, embolden already blatantly racist people, and RUIN EVERYTHING POSITIVE IN THE WORLD.

Seriously. No matter what people of color in this country do to try and reduce racism, conservative fucks and racists ruin it. This was the most positive thing, a great idea to directly increase positive visibility of black men who are constantly demonized in our media and are rarely allowed on the news unless it's their bodies after cops have killed them and it's time to make excuses for the cops and drag the black man's name through the mud. A way to teach children than black people are not villains or criminals and everyone deserves equal treatment and consideration.

Nope! They had to shut that down.

Fuck. You. Fucking. Racists. Burn. In. Fucking. Hell.

Recommended Reading

I just need everyone to read this. Twice.

The Myth Of Scientific Objectivity

Okay not everyone has to read this because I'm sure many of you are already aware of this. But this is the thing that I need all the faux-intellectual dudes who come to me acting like they know anything at all about science to read. Over and over. Until they get it.

In a lecture given at a Nobel Laureates’ meeting in 2004, Josephson rallied against “science by consensus . . . anything goes among the physics community—cosmic wormholes, time travel, just so long as it keeps its distance from anything mystical or New Age-ish.” He points to the theory of continental drift—proposed by Alfred Wegener in 1912—which was long maligned and ridiculed; it has, of course, long since been accepted, but more than 20 years after his death. 
Josephson points to this story as a stark reminder that the course of human history is not governed by objective truth of any kind, especially in the history of science; the truth is always shifting. Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince discuss this phenomenon vis a vis paranormal discoveries in their book The Forbidden Universe, which contends that “the view of the universe emerging from the latest scientific discoveries, particularly of quantum physics and cosmology, can be seen to vindicate the ancient Hermetic belief in an evolving, living, conscious universe.”

Okay? If you utter "scientific fact" in an attempt to argue against social justice concepts, know that my opinion of you has gone right down the drain. Prepare to be mocked.

I honestly ran out of patience for these types of fake intellectual men who misuse both scientific and philosophical language in order to try and tell me that my lived experiences don't matter and I should just shut up and stop trying to change things because it's making them uncomfortable and scared. Both science and philosophy should challenge your very notion of truth. They're supposed to make you question "what is truth" and "what is fact." And anybody actually versed in either will lose their respect for you if you try and act like you know what truth is or that you're objective.

"What Rape Culture?"


Delaney Robinson "did everything a rape victim is supposed to do" and UNC refuses to act

No, I am not surprised that the University did nothing. But in this case, we got a lovely recording of how police treat rapists vs. how they treat rape victims.

After the assault, Robinson said in her statement, she went to the hospital, told her nurse everything she could remember and submitted to a rape kit. She then reported the incident to the UNC Department of Public Safety, where, she said, she encountered a string of "humiliating and accusatory" questions:  
"What was I wearing? What was I drinking? How much did I drink? How much did I eat that day? Did I lead him on? Had I hooked up with him before? Do I often have one night stands? Did I even say no? What is my sexual history? How many men have I slept with?"

We know this happens. We know why it's fucked up and wrong. But did you know what's going on in the other room, where the rapist is being questioned?

Artis, meanwhile, seemed to enjoy the DPS' confidence: When she listened to the recording of his testimony, she said, her "humiliation turned to anger" because investigators handled him with kid gloves.  
"They provided reassurances when he became upset," she said. "They even laughed with him when he told them how many girls' phone numbers he had managed to get on the same night he raped me. They told him, 'Don't sweat it, just keep on living your life and playing football.'"

Don't sweat it. Don't sweat it, rapist. You'll get off. You'll be allowed to walk free and enjoy the rest of your life free of consequences. Just look at confessed rapists, or those who are caught by multiple witnesses! They get no or very little jail time. You won't even be convicted. It probably won't even go to trial. UNC has to protect their reputation! And we as cops don't care about or actively hate rape victims. Enjoy your football!

This is rape culture. This is why victims don't report. This is why I'm tired. Again and again and again I'll say it, and nothing changes.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Gif of the Day

Who snuck into my bedroom in the morning and filmed me.

Adults Sexualize Teacher Whose Curves Go Unnoticed By Students

You may have heard of the case of the black teacher come to be known as "TeacherBae" (Paris Monroe) who was scrutinized and bashed for wearing the kind of clothes she likes to wear while having a certain body type.

Why Is The Internet Freaking Out Over This Teacher's Wardrobe?

Racism, misogynoir, body shaming, hyper-sexualization of black women's bodies, etc.

I just want to point out that very few of her young students have noticed her body in any kind of sexual way. How do I know this? Because young children don't do that. Most of them have yet to learn this very much learned behavior. If they have sexualized her, it's because they learned it from an adult. And the problem is that adult, not this teacher.

Leave her the fuck alone. Curvy bodies are not automatically sexual. Black bodies are not automatically sexual. Stop being so fucking racist and terrible.

God Damnit

Ever have a night where you can't sleep for no reason? And so you don't end up posting in your feminist blog until pm? Damn.

I'm still groggy but here's this:

Click to Enlarge

Okay what U.S. black metal legends can we nominate? Let's do this.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Gif of the Day

This is the most cat vs. dog thing I've ever seen.

I Don't Even Want to Post This



I... what?

Judge spares prison for white student who raped 2-year-old girl and posted it online

Grooms will only receive five years of supervised release with a potential 10-year suspended sentence if he breaks parole. He will, however, be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. Authorities have made a point to report that Grooms has undergone two mental health evaluations during his two year custody in the years leading up to his trial.

What? What? What is happening? How is this happening? What is going on in the world?

“It’s sad, he is such a young kid,” said Tim Caya, whose website helped police to identify Grooms. “Usually when you hear about this, it is old guys. It makes you wonder what was going on in his life to get him to this. I’m glad I helped catch him, but it makes you wonder about what is going on these days with kids doing this at such a young age.”

Ok first of all, if this child rapist wasn't white, nobody would be lamenting about the poor rapist's life or what caused him to be so messed up that he's rape a two-year-old, or calling a 19-year-old man a kid.

You know who is a kid? The two-year-old victim. You know what is sad? The fact that the innocence and well-being and sense of safety and trust in adults and the world at large was shattered by a fucking child rapist. And now, other child rapists and potential child rapists will know that they can go ahead and rape children because if they're caught, they'll get off with supervised release.

How horrifying does the sexual crime have to be for white guys to be punished even close to the extent that they're supposed to be? For the sake of fuck, this crime is so heinous, I felt the need to post a trigger warning for my trigger warning. Can the world please end now? What is justice? There aren't enough table flipping gifs on the Internet.

I'm gonna go scream into a pillow bye.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Gif of the Day

I don't know.

Ending On a Positive Note

This hat:

This hat is iconic and I need it. It also perfectly represents how I feel about all men after writing the previous blog post.

I need a corresponding shirt that says "Men need to fight toxic masculinity and if they don't they're responsible for the many murders of women that result from it." Or something.

Not sorry.

Violence Against Black Trans Women Continues


Another black trans woman has been brutally murdered in a clear hate crime. This woman, 25-year-old Dee Whigham, was stabbed 119 times and slashed three times across the throat. It sounds like another case of gay/trans "panic" in which a man's fragile masculinity was threatened when he found out she was trans, throwing him into a murderous rage in which he had to stab someone 119 times to regain his sense of "manhood." Her body was found in a hotel room.

Toxic masculinity and misplaced homophobia threatens black trans women most of all, along with the common, nearly constant transmisogyny seen in media that turns them into nothing more than jokes, and intimacy with them is portrayed as a horrifying and disgusting experience that straight men are tricked into.

At what point will TV writers and directors of movies that cast cis men as trans women realize this, and understand that they have gallons of blood on their hands? Not to mention all the people that support this media.

Protect black trans women. Refuse to tolerate transmisogyny.

Cop Fired for Not Killing Suicidal Man

This is the worst fucking story ever. It's also a perfect demonstration of how the police aren't here to help most people. They're actually not supposed to. They can be fired and denied pension for not murdering certain people right away rather than following their training and instincts, assessing the situation, and deescalating. 

West Virginia cop fired for not killing a man with an unloaded gun

“I saw then he had a gun, but it was not pointed at me,” Mr. Mader recalled, noting the silver handgun was in the man’s right hand, hanging at his side and pointed at the ground. 
Mr. Mader, who was standing behind Mr. Williams’ car parked on the street, said he then “began to use my calm voice.” 
“I told him, ‘Put down the gun,’ and he’s like, ‘Just shoot me.’ And I told him, ‘I’m not going to shoot you brother.’ Then he starts flicking his wrist to get me to react to it. 
“I thought I was going to be able to talk to him and deescalate it. I knew it was a suicide-by-cop” situation.

Using his training, Officer Mader could have calmed the suicidal man down and saved his life. Instead, two other officers arrived and killed him. The gun was found to be unloaded.

The man, Ronald D. Williams Jr., was a man of color. I couldn't find a confirmation of his actual race but he is not white.

And then:

In a meeting with the chief and City Manager Travis Blosser, Mr. Mader said Chief Alexander told him: “We’re putting you on administrative leave and we’re going to do an investigation to see if you are going to be an officer here. You put two other officers in danger.” 
Mr. Mader said that “right then I said to him: ‘Look, I didn’t shoot him because he said, ‘Just shoot me.’” 
On June 7, a Weirton officer delivered him a notice of termination letter dated June 6, which said by not shooting Mr. Williams he “failed to eliminate a threat.”

That's what people of color are to police departments. Threats. Not people. Threats that need to be eliminated, no matter what the situation is. Because their lives don't matter.

This is the state of the U.S. police. Cops who kill people of color are rewarded with paid leave. Cops who fail to kill people of color given the chance are fired.

Tell me again that police aren't the problem.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Gif of the Day

Look at this dork.

Amazing Women of Color

The only thing I have to say about the events on September 11, 2001 is that a lone woman stood against using these events to give an inept president and a terrible government permission to attack random countries in the Middle East for as long as they want, including bombing the shit out of civilians without consequence.

This woman, a black woman, faced extreme harassment and death threats for standing up against all of the House and Senate to try and protect people overseas from U.S. imperialism and violence.

Barbara Lee’s Lone Vote on Sept. 14, 2001, Was as Prescient as It Was Brave and Heroic

Her 90-second speech about her dissent says it all:

For this, for opposing a resolution that the majority of us now recognize as a terrible mistake, she was called a traitor and attacked by multiple national publications such as the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Times.

She is the only one who held true to her principles in the face of overwhelming pressure. Barbara Lee for President 2kRightTheFuckNow.

Your Monday Morning Pick Me Up

It's still technically morning here.

Anyway, if you're bummed about it being Monday and need something to cheer you up, here it is!

What wonderful and positive content. Just the thing I needed.

Fuck the Confederacy. Burn all Confederate flags.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Gif of the Day

How??? ?? ????????

Thank You Tim Gunn

I don't really know anything about fashion, except that Tim Gunn has that rich guy voice and tells fashion designers to make it work and it's kinda funny. Oh, and the fashion industry hates fat people with the burning passion of a thousand suns.

But maybe not all of it!

Tim Gunn: Designers refuse to make clothes to fit American women. It’s a disgrace.

It is a disgrace, Tim Gunn!

I love the American fashion industry, but it has a lot of problems, and one of them is the baffling way it has turned its back on plus-size women. It’s a puzzling conundrum. The average American woman now wears between a size 16 and a size 18, according to new research from Washington State University. There are 100 million plus-size women in America, and, for the past three years, they have increased their spending on clothes faster than their straight-size counterparts. There is money to be made here ($20.4 billion, up 17 percent from 2013). But many designers — dripping with disdain, lacking imagination or simply too cowardly to take a risk — still refuse to make clothes for them.

Thank you. It's really incredibly refreshing to see such an important figure in the fashion industry, perhaps the most visible one at least for people like me who aren't really into it, criticize designers for a lack of imagination and/or guts and/or a lack of not being judgmental assholes rather than blaming fat people (most of whom are really average people) for existing.

And it's also important to point out, once again, that oppression and marginalization are not about money. Money is often involved and there is a strong link between poverty and "obesity" (aka being fatter than people think you should be), but the fact that designers are ignoring a huge and growing demographic for their product in favor of thin people shows how strong an influence fat hatred really is. "Dripping with disdain" is the perfect descriptor. I've known plenty of average people in various professions to talk about fat people in the same way.

And finally, it's nice to be reminded that I'm actually average. I'm a size 16 now, probably larger in some brands (if they even go that high). I'm 28 and my metabolism has become such that diet and exercise no longer cause me to lose weight. I tried. But rather than dedicate all my spare time to exercise or try a variety of trendy diets that might hurt me, I decided to just live my life the way I want to.

It hasn't been easy. I struggle with self-hatred over my body on a regular basis. It's incredibly difficult to drown out that disdain-dripping voice from society that tells me over and over that I'm disgusting. That I, as I exist now, am disgusting, for being fat, even though I'm really average. But I've dedicated myself to fighting that hateful voice rather than fighting my own body, and it feels good to have an ally in Tim Gunn.

Thanks, Tim. I appreciate it.

Prison Abolition vs. Prison Reform

Today, right now, the largest prison strike in U.S. history is taking place. They're protesting being forced into slavery and the horrific living conditions that have resulted in many unnecessary deaths. In 1971, the inmates at Attica rioted for their rights and to protest living conditions. Since then, things have only become worse for the prison population, especially since the privatization of our prisons.

This is largely because no one is cared about less than prisoners since we can blame them for any of the terrible treatment they receive. Many people even think that prisons should be this terrible because it will deter crime. This, of course, is not true, because people don't commit crimes because they think jail is a good time. Sometimes they commit crimes to keep from starving to death on the street or to get medical care. But maybe we shouldn't solve that problem by making prison even worse.

Check out this amazing comic/infographic thing on The Nib for more information about the terrible state of U.S. prisons. For more information about why prisoners do deserve to get their basic needs met and not be made into slaves, check your conscience.

I do believe that prisoners deserve rights and dignity and not to die from heat exhaustion or be forced to eat moldy food. At one point, prison was supposed to be about rehabilitation. It was supposed to be a place where people went to learn skills and get some kind of mental health treatment so that they could return to society and not feel the need to commit crimes anymore. But it's gotten so far from that purpose that nobody even seems to remember it anymore.

There are people in this country who think that prison should be abolished altogether. No, this does not mean that people will be able to commit crimes willy nilly and nothing will be done. It means seeing crime as a result of ill health, poverty, abuse, etc., instead of seeing it as some kind of fundamental flaw or something that can be fixed with an extended time-out. Even with comprehensive prison reform, prison still acts as a punishment and puts a stigma on every person who goes there.

And I know what you're thinking. What about the rapists and murderers? What about the people who don't or can't feel remorse for hurting people? I'm not about to say that this isn't a problem that needs to be dealt with in the present. I don't think everyone should be released from prison immediately. There may be a necessity for some kind of guarded facility where these people have to stay to protect the rest of society, but as much as I hate rapists, it shouldn't be a prison. It needs to be a decent place where they can have extensive mental health treatment and all their needs are beyond met, not just met to the technical degree where they probably won't die.

And honestly, you can talk about prison reform all you want. But we've done prison reform before. And look where we are now.

What really needs to be abolished is the way we think about crime and the people who commit it. People don't commit crimes because they're bad, because they're hooligans or "thugs," or because they don't "respect authority." That's all a bunch of meaningless bullshit. People commit crimes for many reasons, and the source of it is usually some form of abuse, suffering, poverty, systemic racism, or necessity. These people need help, they need to be cared for. Not punished.

I acknowledge and believe all of this, but I also feel like we're so far off from this point I don't know if humanity can survive far enough to reach it. You have and will see me celebrate the imprisonment of certain people because at this point in human history, it's hard enough to expect people of a certain race or gender to be imprisoned for their crimes. It's hard enough to imagine any kind of prison equity in terms of race or for rapists to actually be imprisoned as they should under our current justice system.

And I understand the desire to see people punished for hurting others. Especially in a society where certain people are let off or straight up coddled and pitied after committing certain crimes, particularly rape. In a society where convicted rapists are treated better than their victims.

I guess what I'm saying is that in principle, I am for prison abolition. But principle isn't always practical. And I'll usually choose principle but my optimism only goes so far.

So for now, I 100% support the prison strikes. For now, I'm fighting for the possibly attainable goal of ending the use of prisons as another way to enslave black people and other people of color. But eventually, absolutely.

Free. 'Em. All.

- Sofie Louise Dam

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Gif of the Day



Turns out that when you spend your life being a violent asshole and convincing yourself that you can attack people and remain above the law, you end up physically attacking a cop and getting your ass hauled to jail even though you're a white guy.

Gamergate leader arrested on 2 felony counts of assaulting a police officer

One of Gamergate’s most notorious harassers has been arrested and charged with two felonious accounts of assaulting a police officer. Depending on how prosecutors proceed, 30-year-old Virginian Ethan Ralph could face up to five years in prison. 
My hope is prosecutors will finally take his threat to public safety more seriously.

Excuse me. Hold on one moment.

Okay, back to the article.

According to reports from the Loudoun County Sheriff, Ralph was found drunk and passed out next to the Executive Conference and Training Center near Dulles International Airport. Police were called to the scene, where they attempted to awaken him while passed out in a nearby hotel lobby. 
This is where things reportedly turned violent between law enforcement and Ethan Ralph, who allegedly assaulted a deputy. He was immediately arrested and charged. In addition to two counts of felonious assault on a law enforcement officer, Ralph faces additional charges of obstruction of justice.

If you don't know, Ethan Ralph runs the Ralph Retort, an alt-right GamerGate website where he obsesses over women, people of color, and particularly woman of color who do things like make video games or talk about video games. One of his most recent obsessions was Alison Rapp, who dared to have a job at Nintendo and do said job after a standard bit of localization made a bunch of GamerGaters cry.

He and his rabid followers latched onto the idea of Rapp being an escort and obsessed over it for weeks, pouring over every detail of some random Seattle escort they found that had some similar physical features, not caring about ruining this random woman's business in their sad and fucked up pursuit of... something, I don't even know why they were doing this. The point is they need better hobbies, and Ralph has finally got what's coming to him for committing libel and other verbal violence upon innocent people.

Violent people are violent, and their lives eventually come crashing down on top of them. Unless they're rich. But Ralph is not. So enjoy prison.

Male Entitlement is Deadly


Another woman has been killed for daring to say no to a man. Tiarah Poyau, only 22, died because she didn't want a random dude to be grinding on her on the sidewalk.

Student killed at J’Ouvert wanted man to stop grinding on her: cops

St. John’s University student Tiarah Poyau, 22, was walking the pre-West Indian Day Parade route with three pals early Monday when she was accosted and told the man, “Get off me,’’ according to a source. 
Her friends, who were walking ahead of her around 4:15 a.m., then heard a shot and saw her fall at Empire Boulevard and Franklin Avenue. Poyau had been shot in the eye “at close range,’’ the source said.

All she did was say "get off me" when a man sexually assaulted her, and for this, she was immediately executed. Because men believe they deserve all access to women's bodies that they desire.

I also want to point out that both the victim and suspect are black, for two reasons. One, black women suffer more violence across the board than white woman. Second, the New York Post calls the suspect a "thug" in this article. They might as well call him the n-word. Yes, this man is an entitled, misogynistic murderer, but there is no excuse for using racially coded language like that. Fuck you, New York Post. This woman is dead, and you tainted the entire issue by using the new n-word. Way to disrespect the memory of a murdered black woman.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Gif of the Day


Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday! That means no working, only traveling all over town for free food. And Pokemon.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Gif of the Day


Nice Guys (TM)


Another thing that happened while I was on vacation was the resurfacing of that incredibly gross article all about how to effectively harass and force women who clearly don't want to be bothered to talk to you. I don't know how anybody could possibly make it any clearer to men how fucked up and terrifying this is, but there are still many of them that refuse to get it. There's always men, any time this shit comes up, who go "But I'm a Nice Guy (TM)! My intentions are good, so shouldn't I get a pass on this behavior?"

No. Because every woman has a story about a dude who approached them by "being nice," saying nice things or acting like a "gentleman," and then the moment they're not getting what they want, they go full on Mr. Hyde. Hell, these "nice guys" will sometimes but on the nice charade for years before turning on women who thought they had a friend. Sometimes to the point of demanding sex, sometimes to the point of rape.

Do you perhaps not believe that nearly all women have had an experience like this (not to mention have heard of similar experiences from so many female friends) and are therefore wary of men no matter what the approach? Well, one of your fellow men, the fabled Actual Male Ally Mooseplainer Max, has gathered a devastatingly long list of examples of things so-called "nice guys" said to them or did for them before showing their true colors.

Here are some of my favorite examples in a list that seems to never fucking end:

Seriously, the list is so long. I haven't read the entire thing because there are over 100 responses, just from this one inquiry from one Twitter account. This is what women deal with. This is why we're afraid of men. We try to navigate public spaces safely, but men do everything they can to make sure we don't feel safe, then whine about it when we try to stand up for ourselves.

If you feel at all entitled to a woman's time and attention, you're not a nice guy. If you think your ability to get fucked is more important than a woman's safety or comfort, you're not a nice guy. You, in fact, have a rapist mentality, are a horrible person, and don't deserve sex from anyone ever. The end. Not sorry.