Thursday, August 25, 2016

World's Biggest Assholes Hack Leslie Jones' Website

There is no good reason to hack into someone's website and post their private nude photos. There might be a good reason to hack into someone's website and post non-nude photos of them as well as some private information, such as to expose a clearly dangerous person or maybe to give them a taste of their own medicine (hint hint good hackers). But the fast majority of women who have suffered through this have done nothing to actually deserve this violation of privacy bordering on sexual assault. All they've done is critique a video game, or point out sexism somewhere, or make a bit of media that some dudes didn't like.

But in the case of Leslie Jones, she literally did nothing. At all. Except exist. As a black woman.

Leslie Jones’ Website Taken Down After Horrific Nude Photo Hack

This comes after the overtly racist harassment she suffered on Twitter. She's clearly become a target of racist and misogynistic trolls, because she was in a movie that men got all twisted in the boxer briefs about because it contained a bunch of women who weren't dressed up for their gaze and reversed the receptionist eye candy trope. The white actresses aren't being targeted, even though the main lead was white.

So because she's black and a woman, this is what she gets. Misogynoir is a huge thing.

As if Leslie Jones hadn’t suffered enough at the hands of internet, the “Ghostbusters” actress’ personal website was hacked on Wednesday. Private information, including her passport and a driver’s license, as well as multiple nude photos were posted online, TMZ reports.  
The hacker somehow gained access to the comedian’s website and reportedly posted a video of Harambe, the gorilla who was shot and killed at a Cincinnati Zoo earlier this summer. Internet trolls have repeatedly used Harambe memes and photos to incite online abuse directed at Jones.

I am so fucking angry about this. Fucking try to tell me that racism or misogyny are over in this country. The fact that hackers know they can do this and get away with it, because the authorities will do nothing. And where are the good hackers finding these people and bringing them to justice? The fact that there are people like this who exist in the world, attacking incredibly kind, funny, and amazing people like Leslie Jones who have done nothing. Nobody can make up excuses for this.

The people who did this need kidney punches. All around.

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