Wednesday, August 10, 2016

U.S. Anti-Black Racism Update


There's been more of these than usual lately but people have largely stopped reporting on them so stand by for the depressing racism dump.

Man on ‘neighborhood watch’ kills 20-year-old outside North Carolina home

We have a new George Zimmerman, except there was no physical altercation between the shooter (who's straight up white this time) and the young man he murdered. This doesn't mean that people, including lawyers, juries, and judges, won't try and justify the murder on the basis that some "hoodlums" (black people) were racing in the middle of the night. Because doing anything while black apparently warrants the immediate, no-trial death penalty in this country.

Now for the cops.

Cleveland Cop Photographed Aiming Gun At Two Unarmed Black Women At Scene of Car Accident

The details of this story are so far from adding up it's like it was written in another dimension where math doesn't exist.

That image clearly showed a Cleveland police officer drawing his weapon and aiming it at two African American women. The women were completely unarmed and non-aggressive. They were at the scene of a hit and run traffic accident, according to a spokesperson for the Cleveland Police Department, who responded to this image on Monday. 
Lt. Ali Pillow told The Cleveland Plain Dealer that someone had tipped the officer off on Sunday that the car had been involved in a hit-and-run. 
But when the officer stopped his motorcycle, the people in the car allegedly fled so the officer drew his weapon and ordered everyone to put their hands up.

This is the image in question:

Click to Enlarge

I don't see any fleeing in that photo. I see a cop ducking away from two black women wearing "is this actually fucking happening right now" expressions. I don't understand if these women were in the car during the accident or why else they would be there pointing at the car. The only clear thing here is that Cleveland police need to stop.

And for the finale. Trigger warning for racial slurs:

Drunk Texas Cop Shoots Up Church, Blames Black People, Not Charged

No charges for attempted murder motivated by hatred against black people!

An inebriated Cox fessed-up to shooting bullets at the church and into the residential area and explained he was upset over the Dallas police ambush, got too drunk and had to let off stress. So, he drunkenly reasoned, he was letting off stress when he decided to shoot his police-issued pistol at a church and into a residential neighborhood after he got drunk in the church parking lot.

The pastor of the church decided not to press charges, but this doesn't mean charges can't and shouldn't be brought up against the cop. If a black non-cop had fired bullets at a church, the city would be pressing the most and worst charges they could think of to put him away for life. But white cops get away with anything.

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