Monday, August 15, 2016

This is What Words Can Lead To

I still come across a lot of people who think that "words are just words" and generally don't think that the use of language can alter the way they think or have a strong influence on people. These are the same people getting suckered by political rhetoric on a daily, I guarantee you.

But I'd like anybody to try and argue this considering the state of the nation that has seemed to go from "overt racism is bad" to:

Pro-Slavery Republican Who Called Katrina Victims ‘Whiners’ Wins Party’s Primary Election

Lewis is not just your average hate-filled Republican. The former right-wing radio host has not only argued that slavery should still be legal, but that Hurricane Katrina victims were “whiners” and has said that African-Americans should feel lucky to live in poverty in the United States because “the median income for blacks in America would make them rich in most African nations.”

This man could become a representative for the state of Minnesota. Because the voters want him.

Please, tell me it's a coincidence that men like this and former KKK leaders can once again run for office with any hope in this country right after the rise of Donald Trump, aka Captain "He Speaks His Mind." You think that shit's spontaneous? You think it's not calculated? You think he doesn't choose his words carefully in order to best manipulate people like you? Sucker.

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