Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Some Good News

Too much terrible lately. Need some good.

Is Beyonce Launching Her Own TV Network?

“She intends to create her own TV network just like Oprah,” said the source. “Her entertainment company Parkwood is doing very well and her desire is to create a network so she can have the freedom to bring the ideas of her closest creative friends to life.” 
Similar to Beyonce’s documentary, Life is But a Dream, the rumored network would showcase behind-the-scenes looks at Beyonce’s work and personal life; while also reportedly airing documentaries on African and American history. Unfortunately,  it may be a while before the new network actually happens. 
“The plan is to develop it within the next decade,” shared the source.

That is a long time, but still, something to look forward to in this developing dystopian hellscape. Especially since it will focus on black history, which America needs because our schools only teach it as a college elective.

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