Friday, August 26, 2016

Police Force Woman to Remove Clothing

You've probably heard of the Muslim woman in France who was forced to remove her head and arm coverings, which were not part of a "burkini" but just normal religious wear that she happened to have on at the beach.

Let's talk about how fucked up it is that cops forced any woman to remove any clothing, publicly. How utterly humiliating for her. What a complete violation of bodily autonomy. Honestly, considering the fact that the garb was religious and tied to control of her own body by herself, thishould be considered sexual assault. Can you imagine a cop coming up to you and demanding that you take off any of your clothes on a public beach? How completely terrifying would that be?

This is everything that feministshould be against. Give women a fine if their clothing is technically against the law, but forcing them to strip in public should be completely illegal. I don't care if you don't think a woman's hair and arms are in any way sexual or revealing. For some people, it is, and all that really matters is how the individual wearing the clothes feels about it. Forcing her to strip is absolutely akin to sexual assault.

Thankfully, I just found this bit of news:

France's burkini ban overturned by highest court.

Thank fuck. I maintain that this ban made no sense to begin with. What do wet suits made for Muslim women have to do with terrorism? Answer: Fucking nothing. If Islamophobes freak out over the sight of a Muslim woman covering herself on the beach, that is 100% a personal problem. They should have to stay away from the beach and generally get over themselves.

One mayor says he won't lift the ban, so I hope he gets his ass handed to him by the higher government.

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