Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Muslims Do What Christians Never Have To

Or atheists, or the generally non-religious such as myself.

That is a fuckload of people all doing the same thing at once.

More than 30,000 Muslims from around the world congregated at a farm in the United Kingdom for a three-day event protesting ISIS and religious extremism, the Independent reported. The protest was part of the 50th annual Jalsa Salana, an annual convention and gathering for Ahmadiyya Muslims. 
The Ahmadiyya sect was founded in India in 1889 and faced persecution and violence from religious extremists in countries abroad. Despite their plight, the religious movement's official motto is "Love for all, hatred for none" and their philosophy is rooted in tolerance over extremism. 


And it's very annoying that this got no coverage despite Islamophobes constantly demanding that Muslims condemn the actions of extremist groups whose victims are like 95 percent Muslim. They condemn ISIS all. The. Time. But you don't cover it. You don't spread it.

And it's terrible that it's all on Muslims to condemn terrorists but you'll never, ever see a gathering like this of Christians to condemn the domestic terrorists making life hell for reproductive health clinics across the U.S. Or the extreme homophobic laws in Uganda that are the direct result of homophobic white Christians coming over from the U.S. to spread their hate because the U.S. no longer puts up with that shit. What the fuck are they doing to help the people being killed over there for something that is actually the fault of extremist representatives from their religion?

Nothing. Certainly not gathering in the tens of thousands. But I bet if they did, the news media would be all over it.

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