Monday, August 15, 2016

Milwaukee Uprising


I don't watch mainstream news programs, mainly because they're not on Netflix, but I feel like the protests in Milwaukee are being widely ignored? I saw it trending on Facebook on the first day and then nothing?

Milwaukee has literally been on fire after yet another black man was gunned down by police on Saturday. But apparently, residents aren't much surprised about the reaction. Maybe the entire nation is no longer so surprised that black people aren't putting up with this shit anymore.

There's 140 character gold right now in the #MilwaukeeUprising tag on Twitter, along with one post I found that is incredibly disturbing.

If you look at this woman's Twitter feed, you can see that she's seriously anti-black and anti-BLM. Now she's bringing "army boys" to Milwaukee. If you're black and in the city, I guess be on the lookout for horrible racist white people who are headed specifically to your protest to make trouble, because that's another thing you have to deal with on top of EVERYTHING.

Apparently things are getting so bad there that a "veteran protest journalist" is evacuating like it's a war zone. Which it is, because the government called in the fucking National Guard.

"I am going to be leaving. I will no longer cover what is happening here," Pool said at the beginning of the video. 
"There has been rioting following the death of a man at the hands of the police, buildings have been burned down, several arrests, officers injured. We saw rocks being thrown at cops and it culminated with an 18-year-old white kid being shot in the neck yesterday."

Yeah gee I wonder why they might be uphappy with us white people right now! Could it have something to do with our tendency to withdraw our support and call them violent every time they try to defend themselves from the police? Or any time a white person gets hurt at a protest like this, at which point you assume a black person did it? Or because black people start saying "white people suck" and it hurts our delicate feelings?

Don't get me wrong. This reporter, Tim Pool, absolutely should leave the area because he's too steeped in white privilege and general anti-blackness to be there. But he's also a shitty racist whiner.

If this starts being reported on in any real kind of way, be on guard for the smearing of the victim, reports about poor police officers getting scratches and bruises from people protesting their own being randomly murdered in the street constantly, and all around white hypocrisy and hate. Fellow white people, if you're able, now is a good time to do some ally work. Stand up to racists, send love and support to protesters and the victim's family.

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