Thursday, August 18, 2016

Just Admit When You've Fucked Up


How about this for a new trend? Instead of acting like a complete baby whenever you're called out on something, getting all defensive and deflective, and trying to act like it's impossible for you to even fuck up, just bite the goddamn bullet and apologize. Reflect on what people are saying, admit you fucked up, and issue a genuine apology.

I'm so sick of seeing these privileged public figures doing fucked up shit, then after getting called out, declaring that they're so very aware of the issues and would never do anything bigoted or insensitive at all, despite having just done that.

One of the latest is Ellen DeGeneres, AGAIN, pulling some racist shit and then bizarrely claiming that she's super duper aware of racial issues. If that were true, you would have had an intern Photoshop you onto the back of a black man.

It's the classic white liberal bad ally move, doing or saying something racist that's supposed to be funny, thinking it's okay because you're soooooo progressive and so not racist! And then when you get called out, your reaction is to throw a big pity party and hide behind the liberal credentials, meaningless as they are. "But I'm not racist! How can you call me racist when I'm a Not Racist (TM)?"


Is it really that hard to just think for a second that you might have done something racist? That you might have overlooked some history, maybe been thoughtless for a second? People fuck up all the time, but when you make it all about you and refuse to acknowledge that you hurt people or are responsible for your own actions, you go from an asshole maybe to being cemented as a Definite Asshole.

This should be Human Behavior 101 stuff. If you hurt someone, including an entire group of people, you apologize and try to make sure it doesn't happen again. And by apologize, I don't mean blaming the people you hurt by saying "I'm sorry if anyone was offended." This is not about black people being offended. It's about you being racist.

Also, if you find out that one of the people who writes your white feminist "comedy" is a blatant rape apologist, don't block people on Twitter for pointing this out and asking for an explanation. And don't pretend you never knew about the guy's assholery when he's been fucking horrible in the past telling women they deserve to be raped and talking about choking his girlfriend and how she deserved it.

Amy Schumer is also fucking racist, but thinks it's just fine because "comedy."

I'm so tired of the excuses. The utter failure to be accountable for any actions or any of one's words. Comedy doesn't make you immune to being racist. Calling yourself liberal/progressive doesn't make you immune to being racist. You do not get a magic wand that makes the harm you cause disappear, poof!

You are responsible for your fucking actions.

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