Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Beloved Black Lives Matter Activist Lost to Police

Korryn Gaines, a leader in the BLM movement and social media activist, was shot and killed by police. Her five-year-old son was also shot but it appears that he'll survive to endure the psychological wounds from this horrific trauma.

Police said it was a standoff. The only real evidence we have of what happened is a completely heartbreaking video she took of her son minutes before she died, telling him that police were trying to kill them. After she was, indeed, killed, videos from her social media accounts started disappearing.

Gains didn't submit to respectability politics. She didn't follow the arbitrary, ever-shifting rules for giving up all her humanity and dignity during any interaction with police. She was a true activist and revolutionary and I have nothing but respect for her. But because she refused to bow to police, the media and public will use her revolutionary actions as fodder to blame her for her own death and the shooting of her young son.

I don't believe anything the police say, but even if everything they said is true, she didn't deserve to die. Cops are not supposed to be executioners. They are not supposed to sentence people to death and pull the switch whenever they want. And the censoring of her activism after the fact is extremely alarming and suspicious.

Don't trust the stories they tell. Preserve her name and her work. The fact that they're tampering with her social media accounts only proves that the government is waging war on black people, using the police as its soldiers. They targeted her. They killed her. Now they're trying to erase her.

Rest in peace, Korryn Gains. Thank you for your fight.

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