Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Where Are the Good Cops?

I hear all kinds of things about supposed good cops, cops that aren't racist, cops that don't support unnecessary violence, cops that would never commit brutality. Where are they? I haven't heard shit from them, aside from one very angry black woman cop who I sincerely hope isn't fired or demoted or otherwise punished for yelling at racist cops in her video.

If most cops are good, then why am I hearing about them walking out on sporting events where black athletes dare to honor black lives and say that they matter? To me, that walking out says that those cops don't care about black lives. That they support murderous cops.

How come I see pundit after pundit demanding that Muslims step up and issue condemnations of terrorism every time a terrorist attack that might be related to an Islam extremist group happens, but not any time that a cop clearly kills a black person for no reason? How come Muslims don't get to use the self defense argument when the U.S. is bombing the fuck out of the Middle East constantly for decades?

How come I don't see cops coming out in droves to condemn police brutality? Where are they? Why aren't they on social media to declare that black lives matter, that unjust killing is wrong and against their moral code? How come I never see groups of cops raising money for victims the way Muslim communities do after shit like Orlando, even though that appeared to have no actual connection to anything Muslim?

It's almost like cops want to maintain the power structure that allows them to do whatever the fuck they want without fear of punishment.

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