Tuesday, July 26, 2016

"What Rape Culture?"


You can pretend that sexism is over, but this is what happens when a girl steps outside of rigid and violently enforced gender roles.

This Teen Says She Experienced Rape Threats And Serious Injury While Playing Boys Hockey

On Nov. 1, Byers was playing against another team within the Edmonton Minor Hockey League. It started with the opposing players being particularly physical, but then one player started telling her “I want to fuck you.” Then it turned into “I’m going to fuck you.” 
Eventually, Byers said he pinned her to the ice and kept repeating “I will fuck you whether you like it or not.”
She immediately skated to the bench and told her coach what happened, who then went to the referee. But, Byers said, the referee said there was nothing he could do. Her coach actually ended up getting suspended for two games after getting upset with the referee.

In fact, the entire governing body of the hockey league said there was nothing they could do because it doesn't even have a sexual harassment policy. And they continued to do nothing when the harassment turned dangerously violent.

Then at one point Byers said a player on the other team cornered her, dug his stick into her ribs, and slammed her head into the ice. 
“As I went down he said, ‘That’s what you get bitch.’” 
As she was carried off the ice, chaos erupted around her. She could hear her dad pounding on the glass, the other coach laughing, and people shouting that she shouldn’t play boys’ hockey if couldn’t “take the pain.” 
By the time an ambulance arrived, her whole torso was spasming. She ended up in hospital with a concussion and cracked ribs.

Yes because boys have steel ribs and don't get concussions if their heads are slammed onto ice.

As it turns out, the league does have a sexual harassment policy, yet still no one has been suspended or fired for this horrific, targeted harassment campaign that could have killed this girl who just wanted to play some hockey.

This is also why rhetoric about boys and men needing their own spaces free of women and girls is dangerous. Men literally become violent to the point of causing life-threatening injury if women "invade" their spaces yet constantly whine about and mock women's need for safe spaces from men. Men hate women that much.

This whole thing sickens me. The coach laughing. Other adults saying she deserved it. This is why integration of gendered sports needs to happen. Girls' leagues are often underfunded and ignored or may not exist at all. This teen girl can fortunately join the women's league, but what if another girl wants to play on the boys' team because her friends or on it or just because? She should be able to do that without fearing rape threats and assault. She doesn't deserve a concussion for daring to step outside artificial gender lines.

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