Friday, July 1, 2016

So Many Great Things Are Happening for Trans People!

Gonna leave you with a positive for the weekend. It's just been win after win for trans rights lately, which is the opposite of what it usually is!

First, NYC is being actively cool about bathrooms, using a trans woman of color for their ad campaign:

These New NYC Subway Ads Will Promote Transgender People’s Right To Use Restrooms

A trans-positive bathroom bill passed in the Massachusetts House that the Republican governor says he'll sign.

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker Says He Would Sign Transgender-friendly Bathroom Bill

Conservative rabbis have officially affirmed that trans people are to be included in the Jewish community.

A Group of Conservative Rabbis Just Passed a Resolution Backing Transgender Rights

And finally, two trans women have won their primaries in major U.S. elections. The women, oddly both named Misty, are running for federal congressional seats - Misty K. Snow for the Senate and Misty Plowright for the House of Representatives.

For the First Time in American Political History, Two Transgender Women Win Major-Party Primaries

More! More! More trans women in congress! More pro-trans bathroom bills! More religious support of trans people! I demand more!

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