Thursday, July 28, 2016

Online Threats Must Be Taken Seriously By Authorities


Yesterday, Jessica Valenti was driven offline by a death and rape threat against her daughter, who is five. Five years old.

Two questions. How low can shit anti-feminist men sink? And how low can shit anti-feminist men sink before police fucking do something about it???

People (men) go on and on about online threats not being "credible" (until it's against them or someone they like) but at the point of threatening someone's child, no parent is going to give a shit where a threat came from. They're not going to take any risks. Which is exactly why this person threatened Valenti's daughter, because he knew it would work. Which is exactly why there needs to be swift and harsh consequences for threatening a person's child.

Valenti is not my favorite feminist for several reasons, but she's a columnist for the Guardian and makes a lot of her money by doing online work. Being driven offline means that income is cut off. It also means she's cut off from the vast majority of the world. She's silenced. I ask again where the supposed free speech advocates are. Oh yeah, they're out defending the rights of assholes to threaten and harass people online.

It's been several years now that women like Valenti have had to endure harassment and threats with zero recourse. The police don't care and the laws aren't adequate even if they did. Politicians and police need to get off their asses on this issue immediately. Because I will track down and murder anyone who threatens the well-being of my loved ones. Is that what you want?

Someone needs to do something. If they won't, I will.

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