Friday, July 15, 2016

Oh the Man Tears, the Man Tears!

This is great. A county in the UK made catcalling a hate crime. Men are soooo maaaaaaaaaad lmao.

The UK County Nottinghamshire Just Made Cat-Calling a Hate Crime

Is Nottingham ruled by a man-hating lesbian dictator? Because if so, how can I move there immediately?

Awwwwww poor men, aren't allowed to dehumanize, intimidate and exert their artificial sense of power over women by screaming out their car windows about their tits. So oppressed :( :(

For serious, though, why aren't any crimes against women considered hate crimes? I understand that catcalling isn't an overt and obvious expression of hatred, but it's definitely hateful, and there's hate underneath the surface. But the main point is that it makes women fear for their safety. We routinely schedule our lives and plan trips in an attempt to avoid it. It creates substantial amounts of stress for us. Until men learn to fucking stop, I'm 100% in favor of it being a hate crime everywhere.

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